Prayer group cooks turkeys for families


    Christian Men United in Prayer, a prayer group of 40 to 50 men that meets weekly at a local restaurant, were in Mineral Spring Park on Wednesday, cooking enough turkeys to provide a Thanksgiving meal for more than 100 families. The group plannned to deep fry approximately 160 turkey breasts.

    They cooked and delivered the turkeys and all the side items of a traditional Thanksgiving meal including maccaroni and cheese, green beans, yams, corn, stuffing and gravy.

    The group has representatives from area churches and will have men, women , girls and boys helping package and deliver the meals.

    A list of families that would appreciate the meals was obtained with the help of local schools and Operation Care.

    Christian Men United in Prayer was started by three men and has grown to include as many as 50.

    They meet each Tuesday at the B&R Restaurant on US Hwy. 29 in front of the Jockey Lot.

    Members of the group have helped organize a National Day of Prayer event held in Mineral Spring Park and have collected Candy Boxes to provide to military personnel in the armed services.