Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated incidents ranging from damage to mailboxes to assault with a deadly weapon. Among incidents investigated were:


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputy J.D. Sparkman responded to 104 Jessie Drive early Tuesday morning after a 911 call reporting an assault with a deadly weapon. Upon arrival, Tenille Gonzalez, WF, 24, of that address, reported that Levi Burrell, a 25 year old white male, 6’, 180 pounds, brn/blue, and the father of Gonzalez’s child, had broken into the house and attacked James Bowling, WM, 26, 5’10″, 180 pounds, brn/grn,of Williamston, who was at the home at the time.

According to reports, Gonzalez said she heard someone at the door and when she got to the living room, Burrell had kicked in the door and was in the house yelling that he knew someone was there with her. Reports state he had a four inch knife and Gonzalez and Bowling retreated down the hall. Bowling locked himself in the bathroom but Burrrell broke in and slashed him across the arm with the knife. Gonzalez called 911, which led to Burrell’s leaving; but only after he had slashed the tires on Bowling’s car as well.

Bowling was transported by EMS and treated at a local hospital. No arrest had been made at the time of this report. Possible charges include attempted murder, burglary and malicious damage to personal property.

Jan.14 – J.T. Bowers was dispatched to 507 Three Bridges Rd. where Hunter Patterson reported that someone had poured motor oil on the driver’s side of her 2000 black VW Beetle .

Jan.14 – J.T. Bowers was dispatched to 817 Zion Church Rd. where Howard Plunkett, Jt. WM, 33, 5’11″, 244 pounds, brn/brn reported that his girlfriend’s mother, Shirley Haire, WF, 48, 5’2″, gray/brn, had come into his home causing trouble. She allegedly threw a bowl and struck him in the face. He asked that Haire and her boyfriend, Everett Ficklin, be placed on trespass notice for his property, which was done. Haire also asked that Plunkett be placed on trespass notice for her property, which was done. No arrests were made.

Jan. 14 – J.A. Bannister responded to 224 St. Paul Rd. where John Bedell reported the theft of farm equipment and tools valued at $1400.

Jan. 15 – J.R. Scott received a telephone complaint from John Limbaugh of 606 Three and Twenty Rd., reporting that two of his mailboxes had been damaged. The damage was estimated at $100.


Jan. 14 – R. Anderson responded to 472 Bryant Dr. Karla Kelly reported that her boyfriend Tony Smith, WM, 44 5’5″, 140 pounds had punched her in the face during an argument. Her sister Mandy Hawk witnessed the assault. Smith was taken into custody and was subsequently found to have a prior arrest and conviction on criminal domestic violence. He was charged with CDV second offense.

Jan. 14 – D. Brinston was dispatched to 5 Fennell St. in reference to a domestic dispute. Upon arrival he interviewed Ricky Acker, BM, 48-52 years old, 5’7″, 160 pounds, who said he had been assaulted by his girlfriend Melissa Crowder, BF, 41-48 years old, 5’2″, 140 pounds, Both agreed she threw some items at the house and at him, but she denied striking him with her hand. Acker requested psychiatric treatment and was transported to a local hospital. According to state law, Deputy Brinston intended to present the case to a magistrate. No arrests were made.

Jan. 15 – E.E. Standard was dispatched to 8 Capers St. where Tracy Smith reported that someone had smashed the driver’s side window of her car. The damage was estimated at $250.

Jan. 16 – J.E. Scott responded to 665 Campbell Rd. where Robert Reynolds reported the theft of a black Bush Hog bucket valued at $1475.

Jan. 16 – J.L. Martin responded to 109 McLellion Dr. where Tiffany Thomas, WF, 23, reported that her husband Gary Thomas, WM, 37, 6’, 160 pounds, brn/brn, had assaulted her during an argument at their home at 148 Lebby St. She stated that he had grabbed her by the throat and slammed her head against the floor. She said he slammed her to the floor again and held her by the right arm to prevent her leaving. She said he also threatened to kill her. She complained of pain in her left ear and jaw but declined EMS transport, saying she would seek medical care on her own. Deputy Martin intended to present the case to a magistrate.

Jan. 16 – M.T. Stipe was dispatched to 1 Allen St. where Richard Ausburn reported the theft of a four wheeler from his porch. The loss was valued at $300.


Jan.14 – J.J. Jacobs was on patrol on Hwy. 86 when he observed a male on a white Moped failing to use turns signals. He attempted a traffic stop but the driver refused to stop. Deputy Creamer joined the pursuit, which continued as the driver even went through private yards to escape. He eventually went down Chapman Drive which is a dead end, and crashed his scooter, fleeing on foot. Jacobs caught him and shot him with a taser. The driver, Victor Vandegrift, WM, 46,6’3″, 167 pounds, blond/blue continued to resist until Jacobs struck him with a fist and was able to handcuff him. He was found to be wanted on two failure to appear warrants in Greenville County. He was arrested and eventually charged with simple possession of marijuana, failure to stop for blue lights, second offense, and resisting arrest.

Jan.15 – J.T. Bowers responded to 22 Cooper Crossing where Russell Cooper, of the Saluda River Archery Club, reported the theft of an 18 foot gate built of channel steel and valued at $2500.