Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following incidents: PELZER – Jan. 27- S.R. Gambrell responded to the Pelzer Auditorium at 214 Lebby St., where Chris Lesley reported that someone had forced entry into the basement and stolen several lengths of conduit. The loss and damage was estimated at $2500.

Jan. 28 – E.E. Standard was dispatched to 80 Main St. to the Sav-Way where Christopher Cape reported that a white male had stolen a carton of cigarettes and fled in a brown car driven by another white male. Prior to Standard’s arrival, Deputy J.G. Williams had stopped a car matching the description. The driver was Christopher James Jr., no description provided. The passenger was Andrew Hofmeister, WM, 18, 5’8″, 125 pounds, brn/blue. He admitted to the theft of the cigarettes. He was taken into custody. Williamston Police responded to the scene and took custody of James, Jr. on an active warrant they had on him.

Jan. 29 – J.T. Bowers responded to 10 Parker St. where Christopher Gilliland reported that he and two friends were assaulted at his home by a white male and three other black males, none of whom he knew. They had been at Gilliland’s home the night of January 27 at a party and had had a flat tire, which he helped them change. They returned the next day and somehow a fight broke out. Gilliland said that two friends of his, Joey Owen and Kenneth Hawkins were also assaulted. Owen was pushed to the ground and kicked in the face, while Hawkins was struck in the head with a ball bat and suffered a serious cut to the back of his head. No description of the subjects was given except for their race. They were driving a dark blue sedan, possibly a Ford Taurus.

Jan. 30 – J.D. Sparkman was dispatched to 152 Pine Circle where he was told that Wesley Eugene Smith Jr., WM, 26, 5’8″, 205 pounds, brn/grey, was at 142 Pine Circle, and that he was wanted on a warrant from the Department of Probation and Parole. He was contacted and taken into custody.

Jan. 30 – J.E. Scott responded to Moore’s Mill Road and Old River Road where he spoke with Greg Elwell at a farm field Elwell owns. He reported that a 5X8 green wooden bottom utility trailer and approximately $700 worth of scrap metal was missing from the location. The total loss was estimated at $1100.


Jan. 28 – J.T. Bowers responded to 221 Hopsewee Dr. where Bradford Pearson reported that a female child had come to his door asking that he call law enforcement. While his wife called, Pearson went into the apartment across the hall and found Derek Grant, 33, WM, 5’6″, 145 pounds and Kelly Hyatt, his girlfriend, arguing. He said he separated them and got Grant to go outside. He became angry when he learned law enforcement had been called and reportedly took Hyatt’s phone and slammed it to the floor, breaking it. He was subsequently arrested for malicious damage to personal property and transported to ACDC.

Jan. 30 – G.M. Guthrie responded to 2121 River Rd. where Joseph Gambrell reported that someone had broken the driver’s side window of his vehicle. Damage was estimated at $200.


Jan. 21 – G.M. Guthrie responded to 1235 Westwood Dr. where Philip Weatherford reported that someone had broken into his storage building and stolen a chain saw and set of wrenches, valued at $208.

Jan. 22 – A.M. Love responded to 212 Middleton Place Dr. where Richard Gordon reported that someone had gone through his vehicle, which he had left unlocked.

Jan. 22 – A.M. Love was dispatched to 1127 Tall Oaks Circle where Deborah Hollie reported the theft of her license plate, SC tag # HLJ 269 from her car.

Jan.22 – G.M. Guthrie responded to a convenience store at 1004 Hwy. 86 where Joey McClain, WM, 33,reported that as he was exiting the store, a man approached him, cursing and shouting. Guthrie intended to present the case to a magistrate.

Approximately two hours later, Deputy Guthrie responded to 202 Oak Hill Drive, where Catherine Mull reported that she had been in a verbal argument and that the same man in the incident above punched the window of her car, and broke it. She said he then kicked the front door to her house several times. She left the scene with her child to await law enforcement. When Guthrie arrived and tried to contact the man, he fled into the woods on foot. Guthrie also intended to present this case to the magistrate.

Jan. 23 – J.A. Bannister responded to 432 McNeely Rd. where Coley Sprouse Jr. reported that someone had broken into a fenced lot at Steelworks of the Carolinas and had stolen approximately 30 steel beams ranging from 7 to 12 feet in length. The loss was estimated at $4000.

Jan. 23 – J.T. Bowers responded to 114 Arthur Dr. where Heather Chandler reported that someone had broken into her house and stolen a 46″ flat TV and other items valued at $1000.

Jan. 23 – J.T. Bowers responded to the KFC Restaurant at 3100 Hwy. 153 where he retrieved a counterfeit ten dollar bill which came across the counter of the store.


Jan. 27 – J.G. Williams was dispatched to 542 Willingham Rd. where Shane Goodwin, WM, 41, 6’2″, 165 pounds, reported that a woman came to his door and told him his house was on fire. He and Sandra Smith, WF, 50, 5’2″, 120 pounds, brn/hazel extinguished the flames. While they were doing so, Donna Johnson, WF, 5’8″, 170 pounds, a former girlfriend of Goodwin’s, pulled up and tried to set his car on fire as well. She then left the scene. Deputy Williams confirmed that approximately 25 feet of the trailer’s underpinning had been burned and he summoned an arson investigator.

Jan. 27 – E.E. Standard responded to 63 Allie Campbell Rd. where Adam Gaddy reported that while he was away from his home, someone stole the air conditioning unit, valued at $2500.

Jan. 30 – J.L. Martin was dispatched to 702 Belton Highway, where Landon Stacy reported that he and Jeremy Biggs, WM, 18, had been in an altercation over where Stacy had parked the truck he was driving. Stacy said he went to class but came back out to get something and saw Biggs next to his truck. He observed a long scratch on the rear panel of the truck. Surveillance video of the parking lot confirmed Stacy’s claims and Biggs was arrested for malicious injury to personal property. Damage was estimated at $100.

On January 22, Deputy M.A. Miller and members of the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office Catch Team went to 725 H I Taylor response to several anonymous tips about a drug lab at that location. Home owner Virginia Cudd signed a consent to search form and a subsequent search of the home, including the portion being rented by Joe Leonard Elrod, revealed equipment and paraphernalia used to manufacture methamphetamine. An unknown amount of white crystalline substance was also discovered.

Elrod, WM, 49, 5’10″, 220 pounds, brn/hazel, was arrested and charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, and transported to ACDC. He was also placed on hold for Greenville County, where an active warrant was outstanding for him.

Jan. 21 – G.M. Guthrie was dispatched to 132 Jericho Circle where Lebrandon Anthony reported that someone had broken into his vehicle and stole an iPod and an Ocean bass guitar, valued at $380.

Jan. 21 – B.C. Scroggs and K.D. Pigman responded to 925 Greenville Dr. where Mary Bruce reported that Randall Bruce, WM, 36, had entered the library while she and her son were there. She cited a family court order of protection that is in force. That court order was confirmed, but no supporting witnesses could definitely place the man at the library.

Several hours later, Deputy M. McCarty responded to a report of a suspicious person in the area of 825 Belton Highway. He found Randall Bruce, WM, 36, 5’6″, 160 pounds, brn/green, sitting on a guard rail. He found Bruce to have a strong smell of alcohol and to have trouble standing. He subsequently placed him under arrest for public disorderly conduct.


Jan. 23 – D.L. Brinston was dispatched to 500 Shadow Oaks Dr. where Kristina Allen reported that someone had broken into her vehicle, doing approximately $200 in damage.

Jan. 23 – D.L. Brinston responded to 405 Primrose Court where David Olive reported that someone had broken into his vehicle, stealing various items valued at $360. The damage was estimated at $500.

Jan. 23 – N.D. Trammell was dispatched to 202 Merritt Dr. where Timothy Turner reported the theft of his license plate, SC tag # DWS-302.