Anderson County Sheriff’s report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following incidents:


Feb. 10 – J.R. Scott received a report at the ACSO from Evelyn Burton, of 120 Belview Circle, Lot 7. Burton reported the theft of prescription medicines valued at $80.

Feb.10 – J.G. Williams responded to Rena’s Custom Framing at 124 Lebby St., where Rena Davis reported that her air conditioner had been damaged by someone who cut the wiring and moved the unit several feet. The damage was estimated at $500.

Feb. 12 – S.L. Steward responded to 308 Country Glen Rd. where Billy Moody reported that someone had broken into his personal vehicle and stole a GPS system. They also went into the work van he drives, which belongs to H&W Electrical Corp. and took several power tools. The loss was estimated at $11,850.

Later that day, J.T. Bowers responded to 220 Country Glen Rd. where Gerald Yearwood reported that someone had entered his vehicle and taken a GPS unit, a satellite radio and two woofers, valued at $550.


Feb. 12 – J.T. Bowers responded to 112 Flicker Dr. where state trooper Pruitt reported that Brian Yates, WM, 38, 5’6″, 150 pounds, brn/hazel, of 112 Flicker Dr., had been fleeing from Pruitt when he lost control of his car and struck a mobile home at 103 Flicker Dr. Bowers assisted Pruitt in processing the scene.

Feb. 12 – J.T. Bowers was dispatched to 110 Ellie Dr. where Ross Ledford reported that someone stole his 2003 Ford Mustang from his parents’ front yard. The car also held a Walther PPS .40 cal handgun. The loss was estimated at $15,450.

Feb. 13 – D.L. Brinston responded to 118 Quartermane Court where Debra McAlister reported that a man had come to her home and began blowing his car horn and yelling, waking the neighbors and disturbing the peace. He left before Deputy Brinston arrived, but he planned to seek a warrant for public disorderly conduct.


On February 12, Deputy J.G. Williams was dispatched to 144 Foster Rd. where he spoke with Christina Vandevender, WF, 41, 5’3″, 165 pounds, brn/blue. She stated that she had struck her husband, Charles Vandevender, WM, 46, 5’4″, 130 pounds, with her car when he tried to block her from leaving the residence. She said he had threatened her and she was afraid so when he sat in front of the car, she drove ahead and left. He followed in his truck. They returned to the site where she fled to her mother’s house next door and called 911.

Charles Vandevender confirmed most of the events but denied threatening her, saying he only wanted to talk about their marital situation. He said she had knocked him to the ground with the Kia Sorento and then drove forward, running over his right lower leg, which showed signs of swelling and bruising. Deputy Williams arrested Christina Vandevender for criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature, because Charles posed no threat while sitting on the ground. She was placed in custody.

Feb. 10 – J.R. Scott received a complaint at the ACSO headquarters from Anthony Burns, of 170B Cherokee Road. Burns reported that he had taken his tax information to M&M Tax Service, who informed him that his Social Security number had already been used to file taxes. He provided a notarized letter from M&M confirming the identity theft.

Feb. 10 – K.D. Erskine responded to 614 H I Taylor Rd. where James Duncan reported that someone had entered his home and stolen items valued at $600.