Work underway on Piedmont sewer rehab


By Stan Welch

The big news at an otherwise routine meeting of the Piedmont Public Service Commission is that construction has finally begun on the sewer rehabilitation and replacement project for the town’s sewer lines.

Councilman Al McAbee pointed out that work had begun on the Greenville side of the river, along Piedmont Avenue. Chairman Ed Poore, recently reelected to that post, said, “The miracle is underway.”

Piedmont, like many small towns in the area has struggled for years to meet increasingly tight wastewater treatment standards, and has been prohibited from any meaningful growth as a result of their having been under a DHEC consent order for more than a decade.

Under the new agreement with Metropolitan Special Sewer SubDistrict , the town’s lines will be replaced and Metro will assume operations of the system.

In other business, the fire department reported handling a total of fifty two calls, with the majority, 31, of those being medical calls. Chief Tracy Wallace proudly reported that there had been no sewer calls, a responsibility his department no longer has.

Wallace also reported that he had had a very productive meeting with the Greenville County recreation committee and had hopes of receiving some additional funding for the district.

Chairman Ed Poore returned to duty following a serious cardiac procedure. Commissioner Bobby Higgins was absent due to cardiac problems.