Putnam introduces Obama energy policy resolution


COLUMBIA, SC – South Carolina House of Representatives’ youngest legislator, Joshua Putnam recently presented a resolution in protest of President Obama’s energy policies. The Joint Resolution calls for the President to open all opportunities of offshore drilling exploration and direct any and every government agency, related to energy, expedite all permitting requirements for the development of these energy resources.

South Carolinians across the state are feeling the pain at the pump. Gas prices and travel expenses are increasing at an exponential rate with no sign of slowing down. This summer, the nation faces record costs and no plans to change it from Washington.

Rep. Putnam (House District 10) recognized the outcry of frustration and saw that action needed to be taken. His Joint Resolution calls for the Obama Administration to remove its regulation over the advancement of developing our energy resources. “The Obama Administration has failed the American people and our economy. South Carolinians have heard excuses from the federal government for over eight years and will no longer accept such irresponsible statements.” said Rep. Putnam.

The availability of new oil explorations will cause the cost of energy to fall within the state and across the nation. According to Putnam, the success of the economy needs energy intervention. “Our energy policies and progress have direct effect on transportation, manufacturing, education, distribution, and ultimately job creation,” Rep. Putnam continues.

“Across the aisle and party lines, Americans want to see the country improving and innovating,” Putnam said. “This resolution is the beginning towards those steps.”

Representative Putnam, the 23-year-old Republican, is from Piedmont and represents the 10th District of South Carolina. He serves on the Committee of Education and Public works and the Subcommittees of the Department of Motor Vehicles and Higher Education.