Rep. Anne Thayer – House District 9 Report


By Anne Thayer, House District 9 State House Report

As most of you know, a year ago I introduced legislation to address the threat of baths salts and other synthetic drugs. I am pleased to report my Bath Salt bill passed full committee in the Senate and is now on the Senate calendar. If we can get the bill off of the calendar and onto the floor, we should be able to finally pass this important piece of legislation into law.

The Bath Salt bill now has over 100 compounds that will be classified as Schedule I drugs. This will hopefully prevent the “street pharmacists” from changing a few ingredients and then reselling the drugs again legally. The passage of this bill is a crucial step in making sure law enforcement has the tools it needs to combat the synthetic drug threat.

On March 9th the Department of Justice will hand down its decision on the new lines concerning the State House districts. If approved as currently drawn, my district will include all of Williamston and Pelzer. I will share West Pelzer with Rep. Putnam. I hope the lines are approved, as this is a good fit for my district, since the three municipalities are already working together on economic development. I have enjoyed being a part of the economic development meetings. The members of the committee are dedicated and their enthusiasm is contagious.

We did not spend much time on the House floor last week as Ways and Means had to finish their committee meetings in order to get the finalized draft of the budget to the House Members. This week we will take up the Department of Administration bill and the restructuring of the DOT. Both bills are controversial and much time should be given to each issue. I am fearful that will not happen as there will be a rush to pass these bills so we can take up the budget next week. As you can imagine, much frustration often comes with the process of government.

Please know I am always available to each of you. The best way to contact me is by email, I appreciate the opportunity to serve you.


Rep. Anne Thayer