Seems to Me . . . A big distraction


By Stan Welch

I have a confession to make. I can’t stand Rush Limbaugh. I never have liked him. He’s a self-righteous pompous egotistical gas bag. Look, the guy took a little talent, a big mouth and made a huge success of himself. I think that says more about America than it does about Rush Limbaugh, but hey, give the devil his due.

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My problem with Rush, and it has spread outward from him through talk radio and talk television like a stain, is his refusal to even entertain the idea that someone else might be right too. I’m sorry, but nobody is right all the time. I always said about Limbaugh that if Bill Clinton pulled him from a burning car, Limbaugh would gripe because Clinton wrinkled his suit.

So for me to say I don’t enjoy watching him in the very same hot seat he has put so many others in would be a lie. Limbaugh, in the latest of his heavy handed attempts at humor called Sandra Fluke, an advocate for contraceptive rights for women, a slut.

Now, I have to say a couple of things here. First, contraceptive rights? What the heck are contraceptive rights? You don’t even have the right to have sex, so how can you have the right to have sex without risk of consequences?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for sex without risk of consequences. I’m all in favor of contraception. I just don’t think anyone has a right to it. And that’s what Limbaugh was saying. He just used a crude and stupid method of doing so.

In my all too brief radio stint, I learned that there are some things you just don’t say on the air, and some names you just don’t call people. I’ve never seen a written list and there may not be one. But written or not, I bet the word slut is on that list. And Rush Limbaugh should know that if anyone does.

In addition to being a crude and offensive thing to say, it was stupid in the sense that Limbaugh provided the very kind of distraction that the Democrats are constantly seeking. They welcome anything that distracts people from the fact that the Obama administration has given hundreds of billions of dollars to companies that quickly tanked, taking those public dollars to private hiding places.

Remember Solyndra – over a half billion in federal loans for a green industry that went belly up in a year? Or how about Toponah Energy Company, who received $737 million for creating 45 jobs. That’s sixteen million a job. Guess who the CEO of Pacific Corporate Group, a major investor in Toponah, is? Ron Pelosi.

Ring a bell? He’s Nancy Pelosi’s brother–in-law. So Rush, calling some inconsequential contraceptive rights advocate seems to you like the best use of that talent you have on loan from God? If it is, why don’t you repay the loan?

Seems to me that every conservative talk show host in America, be it on radio or television, should have one purpose right now. And that purpose is to expose every single crooked deal that Obama and his cronies have cut or plan to cut between now and November.

Like the leaders of the civil rights movement used to say, keep your eye on the prize.