Sen. Kevin Bryant to kickoff re-election campaign



Sen. Kevin Bryant will announce today, (Monday) that he intends to run for re-election. The campaign kickoff will be at the Powdersville Fire Department at 7 pm March 12 and will be followed by a reception.

“It is refreshing to see the groundswell of concerned taxpayers engaged in the fight to reclaim our liberty and freedom and reverse the current socialistic course,” Bryant said in a press release. “Our unsustainable debt can’t continue. A limited, transparent, and accountable government is our only option if we want to see any prosperity for future generations.”

“The good-ole-boy system is a monster, and we’ve been rattling its cage. Those benefiting from the “system” have fought our positive message of reform, but we’ve gained ground on them. We’ve seen victories for transparency and accountability. SC has a lot of good people with solid values, but we also find our state spends too much and borrows from our children’s future. Let’s just say no to the politics of more government and say yes to the liberty of the taxpayer.”

According to Bryant, this will be the most important election in a generation and the outcome will be the difference between the hope of our founding fathers and the change of Barack Obama’s radical agenda. “I will be honored to have your support as we kick off our 2012 campaign. I look forward to seeing you on Monday, March 12th.”