Sen. Bryant to run again


By Stan Welch
Senator Kevin Bryant announced his campaign for reelection to a crowd of approximately 85 people Monday night.
Hosting a reception at the Powdersville Fire Department, Sen. Bryant took on liberals, Democrats, and socialism in announcing his intentions.
Dan Harvell, Anderson County Republican Party Chairman, declined to endorse Bryant, due to party rules, but added that no other elected official he knows works harder at keeping his campaign promises.
Bryant responded by saying that adhering to his promises is his number one goal. He said that commitment can lead to strong opinions, such as the one expressed by Democratic Sen. Robert Ford, who said “If you are right of Bryant, you will probably hit a tree.”
He also shared U.S. Senator Jim DeMint’s remark that he (DeMint) always considered himself a Kevin Bryant Republican. “You’ve all probably seen that one on billboards around the area,” laughed Bryant.
He poked fun at liberals, but grew serious when he described socialism in a religious context.
“Socialism breaks the tenth commandment against coveting what belongs to another. The battle in this country is no longer Republican versus Democrat. It is freedom versus socialism. It is a battle we must win.”
Evidence of that is the existence of the $15 trillion dollar debt the country is under. “That amount, in pennies, would stretch to the sun sixteen times. When you add the unfunded federal liabilities, that debt is $117 trillion. What freedom can future generations have when saddled with such a burden?”
On the state level, Bryant said there are several crucial battles as well. “He cited recent and significant  issues with the Department of Employment and Workforce, formerly known as the employment security commission. “Last year, DEW paid out $50 million to people who didn’t lose their jobs, but were fired for cause. They shouldn’t be eligible. I hope that this year the General Assembly will pass Senate Bill 1125, a law stating that, plainly. We have given the bureaucrats latitude and they have misused it.”
In addition, says Bryant, last year saw an additional $86 million in fraudulent claims being paid. “Without that $136 million in waste, South Carolina’s employers, its job creators, could have received a twenty per cent cut in employment taxes. That’s money that can be used to expand businesses and create jobs.”
Sen. Bryant also spoke about the state’s voter ID law, currently being opposed in federal court by the Department of Justice. “You can’t come into my family’s drugstore and buy Sudafed without an ID. But the federal government says you should be able to vote without one. They claim it oppresses minority voters, but what about the ineligible voters who cancel my vote and yours?”
Bryant finished up his talk with the announcement that he would indeed file for reelection.
“We must end this move towards socialism that comes down from Washington DC,” he said, to applause.