Animal Control Officers seize horses


Anderson County Sheriff’s Animal Control Officers seized seven horses last week from property on Dorchester Rd. in Belton after receiving a complaint about horses that appeared to be at severe risk of malnourishment.

Six of the horses were transfered to the Palmetto Equine Awareness and Rescue League (PEARL) to receive treatment and medical attention. One of the horses appeared to be healthy and was relinquished to a family member of the original owner for care.

The horses transferred to the care of PEARL included a 12 year old gelding, an 8 year old pregnant palomino mare, a 12 to 15 year old paint mare, a 24 year old paint mare, and two mares that range between 22 and 24 years old. The last two mares may have to be put down according to a veterinarian who provides assistance to horses placed in PEARL’s program.

PEARL will accept donations to help assist in the treatment and recovery of these horses. Most of the horses temporarily placed with PEARL will be on special diets in order to help rehabilitate them. For more information on how to assist in helping these and other rescued horses, contact PEARL at (864) 287-9939 or email at