Piedmont Public Service District to hold budget meetings


By Stan Welch
The Piedmont Public Service District (PPSD) Board of Commissioners will hold its April meeting two weeks later than usual, in order to begin budget preparations beforehand. Chief Tracy Wallace explained that the financial information needed from Greenville County in order to complete the budget preparation would not be available until late April, causing the delay.
The Commission will meet on Thursday, April 26, at 6 p.m. for a budget workshop. The workshop is open to the public. The following Monday at 7 p.m., the regular Commission meeting will be held.
In other business, the Commission learned that someone had done approximately $700 in damage in an effort to steal eight or ten dollars worth of copper from the community building. Grounds and building committee member Rudy Rhodes said that apparently someone had scared the thieves off. “They could have stolen an entire air conditioning unit, so I guess we were lucky.”
Recreation committee member Lib Pack reported that rentals of the community building had generated $525 in revenue last month, and that activity at the ball fields is also picking up.
Al McAbee reported that the fire department had handled a total of forty seven calls the previous month, with a decrease in both medical and service calls. The overall calls for the year to date are down by fifteen, mainly because the Commission and department no longer respond to sewer problems, because Metropolitan Sewer SubDistrict has assumed control of and responsibility for the sewer system.