Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following incidents:


March 24 – J.N. Perkins responded to 1114 Wren Crossing Lane where Joey Allen reported the theft of a set of patio furniture from his yard. The loss was estimated at $450.

March 24 – D.L. Brinston was dispatched to 530 Calendon Dr. where Kristin Ellis reported that someone broke the window in her car to gain entry. Damage was estimated at $300.

March 25 – A.D. Hendrix was on patrol on Hwy. 153 when he saw a silver Lexus fail to stop at a stop sign. It did the same at a red light. He stopped the car and made contact with the driver Julie Roberts, WF, 44, 5’, 100 pounds, brn/brn, of Easley. Reports state she appeared nervous and brought her purse with her when she got out of the car. Hendrix saw a needle in the purse and asked about it. Roberts said it was hers and she used it to inject methamphetamine into her body. She consented to a search of her car and volunteered the information that there was some meth under the carpet of the car. She was placed into custody and transported to ACDC for possession.


March 24- J.T. Bowers was dispatched to Contractor Builders Supply at 6713 Hwy. 29 N after a passerby called 911. Bowers found that the gate to the property had been removed from the hinges. The owner was summoned and stated that a white F-250Ford pickup had been stolen. Another F-250 had the hood up and the battery was missing. The loss was estimated at $2100.

March 26 – C.M. Ashe received a telephone report from Heather McJunkin that someone stole her cell phone while she was at 121 Bellview Circle. The loss was estimated at $150.


March 24 – A.D. Hendrix was on patrol when a car passed by him with a headlight out. He stopped the car and made contact with Javier Castaneda, WM, 17, 5’7″, 155 pounds, who was found to have a suspended driver’s license, second offense. He was placed under arrest and when asked if there was anything illegal in his car, said there was marijuana and cocaine in the vehicle. He was subsequently charged with DUS, second offense, simple possession of marijuana and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute.

March 25 – M.D. Creamer took Jeanna Clark, WF, 23, 5’8″, 145 pounds, brn/brn, of Taylors, SC, into custody at 740 Elrod Rd. and transported her to ACDC to be held for the Laurens Sheriff’s Office, which had active warrants on her.

March 25 – E.E. Standard was dispatched to Davis Steel Rules Dies Inc. at 205-A Iler St. where Robert Davis reported that someone had stolen a carpet rack roller valued at $1800 and 32 pallets valued at $10 each.

March 27 – G.M. Guthrie responded to the Interstate Tire Service on Highway 8 near Campbell Road where Joey McKay, of Lakewood Georgia reported seeing someone at that location while driving past. McKay said the truck looked suspicious and a skinny white male came from the business and drove off in the white Ford F-250 extended cab truck. Guthrie found one of the bay doors damaged and contacted the business owner, Gary Bennett. Bennett stated that five tires valued at $550 each had been stolen as well as another set valued at $650 each.


March 25 – R. Anderson responded to the Jockey Lot where three different people reported that Jonathan McKinney, WM, 36, 6’, 165 pounds, brn/hazel had entered their vehicles and taken items from them. McKinney was detained by security and confessed to the thefts. He returned the items and no charges were pressed. He was placed on no trespass notice.

March 26 – J.D. Sparkman was dispatched to 105 and 103 Double Creek Rd. where H. Meinte, real estate agent handling the homes, reported that someone had broken in and gathered several items to remove later. Nothing was lost.

Anderson County Sheriff’s Report