Pelzer to raise fees, cut some costs


The Town of Pelzer officially has a new mayor. Councilman and Mayor Pro-Tem Steve McGregor was released from duties as a councilman and sworn in as the town’s mayor during the Pelzer Town Council meeting Friday.

McGregor has been serving as head of the town since former mayor Kenneth Davis resigned recently.

Council approved an appointment to the election commission, several requests and discussed reducing the number of street lights, changing town hours office hours and providing security fencing around the town maintenance shed and more.

Council approved trash service to be temporarily provided by Ken Davis. The company contracted to provide the service has financial problems and does not have the necessary truck to continue.

Also discussed and approved are improvements, hours and rates for Pelzer pool.

Rates for using the community building will increase and a contractor will be brought in to check on electrical problems associated with the air condition unit.

Additional details will be posted online and in the upcoming print edition of The Journal.