The Clock reopens


What has become a Williamston landmark, The Clock reopened in their new building Monday with a steady flow of customers and a line waiting to place their order until closing.

After being closed for six months during which the old building was removed and a new building constructed, they finally opened with double the seating capacity and much needed space in the kitchen area.

Owner John Davarinos said after working in tight quarters for nearly 30 years, the new facility takes some getting used to.

“I have to remember wher I put everything, he said. Davirinos along with family members, Helen and sons Bill and Rocky were hard at work Monday serving more that 1500 customers throughout the day.

Two longtime employees, Maria Rosshinit and Theresa Roberts, were just as busy making sure everyone was taken care of.

The initial opening has been tremendous, Davarinos said. The family wishes customers will bear with them while they find the best system to serve everyone.

The current owners took over the restaurant, originally known as the Bantam Chef, in 1983. At the time it had two walk up windows. In 1984 they added onto the building and put in seating. A drive-thru was added in 1989.

“It’s good to be back,” Bill said.