Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following:


April 21- J.T. Bowers responded to 115 Ledgewood Way where Willie Shelton reported that someone had damaged the rear view mirror on his truck, setting off the alarm in the process. The damage was estimated at $300. That occurred shortly after midnight. Several hours later, just a few doors away at 128 Ledgewood, Robin Hamilton reported the theft of her 2008 G37 Infiniti, valued at $24,000.

April 22 – K.D. Erskine responded to 400 St. Paul Rd. where James Bryant reported the theft of his mailbox, valued at $60.


April 22 – J.J. Jacobs was on patrol near 105 Lucky Lane when he saw a white male acting suspiciously at that location. He made contact with Rusty Simmons, WM, 27, 6’1″, 184 pounds, blond/blue and was given permission to search him for a weapon. The search revealed a hypodermic needle in his pants pocket. That needle was found to contain a substance and a more thorough search revealed a white crystal substance that field tested for methamphetamine. Simmons was taken into custody.

April 22 – J.T. Bowers responded to the Bi-Lo where Bon Dahling reported that someone had stolen his Apple i-Phone 4 from under his cash register at the store while he was outside gathering grocery carts. Video surveillance indicated that a white male, 28 -36 years old, 5’10″, 180 pounds, with a beard, along with a juvenile saw the phone and the adult sent the juvenile to get it. The video also showed that the adult used a Bi-Lo customer discount card and the information from it was retrieved. Several calls to the number listed in the file received busy signals and a deputy in the Belton area was sent to make contact, but could not.

April 23 – J.L. Martin responded to 1 Murray St. to the scene of the recent fire at Carolina Pallets Company. Stephen Henderson reported that someone had stolen approximately 900 pounds of scrap metal from the scene and also damaged a forklift trying to hotwire it. Three hundred pounds of the metal was located at a nearby scrap yard and a description of the truck used was obtained. It was a green extended cab Dodge Ram.


April 22 – R. Anderson responded to 10852 Anderson Rd. to the storage units there where Kerry Oliver reported that someone had broken into her storage unit and stolen $2700 worth of household goods.

April 22 – While in the area of Conners Blvd. in reference to the above incident, J.J. Jacobs observed Travis Bentley, WM, 23, 5’9″, 160 pounds, brn/brn driving a vehicle nearby. Jacobs knew Bentley to be under suspension and stopped him. He was in fact driving under suspension and he was taken into custody.


April 20- L.E. Johnson responded to 201 Nannies Circle where a neighbor reported that Brad Havird had been bitten by a dog while rescuing his daughter’s puppy from it during an attack. Havird had shot the dog and killed it and had taken his injured dog to the vet’s. The dead dog was taken to the animal shelter for rabies testing.