Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Week of May 9
Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following incidents: EASLEY – May 5 – E.E. Standard responded to 19 Duxbury Lane where Matthew Erz reported that someone had cut the lock on the enclosed utility trailer belonging to CK Lawncare, and had stolen tools valued at $2800.

May 6- S.R. Gambrell was dispatched to 4911 Hwy. 86 where Jennifer Ferguson reported that her children’s father, Antone Ferguson, allegedly kicked the right rear tail light out of her 2008 Nissan Altima, causing $400 damage.

May 7 – J.E. Scott responded to 101 Bent Twig Rd. where Jane Jones reported the theft of a black Carry-On trailer valued at $1600, which held a variety of household items at the time. The total loss was estimated at $1825.

May 7 – R.M. Cooper was dispatched to 400 Sunshine Way where Dorothy Standard reported that someone had broken into her storage building, doing $200 worth of damage and had also stolen her mailbox, valued at $50.


May 5 – M.D. Creamer was on patrol at Smyth and Brock Streets when he encountered a blue/black motorcycle which he knew to be driven by Carl Lanphear. A description of the motorcycle had been given in an earlier incident so Creamer initiated a traffic stop. Instead, Lanphear, WM, 22, 5’9″, 150 pounds, refused to stop and proceeded into Greenville County where he reached speeds of 90 miles an hour. Creamer terminated the pursuit. Lanphear, of 463 Zion Rd. in Walhalla, is also wanted on three other warrants for failure to stop for a blue light. The tag on the cycle came back registered to a Suzuki in Fountain Inn.

May 6 – S.R. Gambrell responded to the Mama Mia Restaurant at 126 Lebby St. where Jeremy Beacham reported the theft of his truck while he was inside.

May 7 – R.M. Cooper was dispatched to 1851 Hwy. 8 to the Interstate Tire Service where Jason Kelly reported that someone had broken into the building and stolen at least 7 tires valued at $1575.

May 8 – C.M. Ashe responded to 128 Roger Dr. in reference to an assault complaint. En route, he encountered the suspect, Joseph Montgomery, WM, 38, 5’11″, 190 pounds, brn/brn a short distance from the incident location. Montgomery was heavily intoxicated and Ashe returned him to the scene, where Sharon Roberts reported that he had knocked her to the ground while they were arguing and she had fallen on a shovel, causing a bleeding abrasion to her leg. Montgomery was taken into custody for assault and battery third degree.


May 5 – R. Anderson responded to 3435 Hwy. 153 where Pamela Peace reported that someone entered her car and took her purse while she was in either the Bi-Lo Supermarket or the McDonald’s. She had some prescription meds valued at $100 in the purse.

May 6 – D.L. Brinston responded to Conners Blvd. in reference to a noise complaint and found James Howard Jr., WM, 36, sitting in his truck with the music blaring and blowing the horn repeatedly. Brinston determined that Howard, Jr. was grossly intoxicated and placed him under arrest for public disorderly conduct.

May 6 – R. Anderson responded to 729 Iler St. where Randall McClain reported that someone had broken into the camper trailers where he lived and stole items valued at $355.

May 6 – K. Evatt responded to 317 Bentwood Rd. where Walter Scott reported that he had seen a suspect steal a floor jack from the garage at the house next to his and he tried to block the silver car with his truck. The car hit his truck and later in the pursuit hit it again, doing approximately $1500 worth of damage. The suspect escaped.


May 5 – J.G. Williams was dispatched to 642 Boiter Rd. in reference to a domestic disturbance. Upon arriving, Terry Solesbee reported that his son Jason Solesbee, WM, 33, 6’2″, 180 pounds, brn/brn refused to leave the property despite having been evicted several weeks ago. He also stated that he suspected his son was intoxicated on an unknown substance and was acting violently.

Jason had climbed into the loft area of the garage and when he was called out by Williams, he jumped from the second floor window and fled. Since there were no charges against him, Williams left. Not long after, Jason’s brother, Stephen saw him come back and break the window out of the garage and enter. Williams was dispatched to the scene again, and again, Jason fled; this time he ran through a children’s backyard birthday party and several of the parents present assisted in apprehending him. He was placed in custody on burglary charges and transported to ACDC.

May 6 – K.D. Erskine responded to 825 Joe Black Rd. where Wanda Holder reported that someone had broken into her home and stolen a variety of lawn and garden equipment, tools, firearms and other goods valued at $5825.

May 6 – C. Holbrooks responded to Greenville Memorial Hospital where he found Brandon Barnette, WM, 26, suffering from bleeding from his mouth and a badly swollen jaw. He said that he had left 12 Hilltop Circle on a four wheeler and had been struck in the face by someone with a ball bat.