House District 9 Report – Rep. Anne Thayer


One thing that is certain-SC politics is never boring!!

As everyone knows by now, The State Supreme Court ordered the political parties to remove numerous candidates from ballots across the state. The candidates were removed for not filing the proper paperwork at the time of their filing for office. This year candidates were required to file electronically but were also required to file a hard copy with their candidacy application. Obviously there was much confusion across the state as this affected numerous candidates.

The blame should not be on the Justices as they simply ruled on a 1992 law that requires candidates to file a statement of economic interest at the time they officially file for office. The ruling, however, is unfortunate for the candidates and the voters. Hopefully we can remedy this situation through legislation so all of the candidates will have the opportunity to be on the ballot. I will certainly support any legislation brought before the body of the House.

With all of the ballot excitement, one important piece of legislation which passed the House this week may have been overlooked. This week the House tackled the difficult task of eliminating the Budget & Control Board and creating a specific design for the Department of Administration. SC is the only state with a Budget & Control Board which consists of 5 members (The Governor, The Treasurer, The Comptroller General, The Chairman of Ways and Means, and The Chairman of The Senate Finance Committee).

This five-member board oversees about 1300 employees and many of the functions of our state government. Many believe this type of structure lacks accountability and transparency. The House amendment, which passed this week, will transfer 90% of the current Budget & Control Board to the Department of Administration which will be administered under the Governor. The amendment also decreases the current number of employee allocations by 10%. A government that is efficient, streamlined and accountable, with the proper checks and balances, is a worthy goal the House is trying to achieve. The bill now heads back to the Senate. Hopefully we will pass this important piece of legislation this session.

As always, thank you for the opportunity of serving you. May you have a blessed Mother’s Day.


Rep. Anne Thayer