Political newcomer announces run for mayor


William Leach, of 2 Mahaffey Road, has announced that he is running for the office of Mayor of Williamston. Leach, 33, said if elected, he will bring a fresh new perspective to the leadership of the town in an effort to make it a better place for his family and the people of the town.

“I want to be an example for people to see,” Leach said. “The people I’ve talked with are tired of the same ole same ole.”

Cutting waste in town hall and ending corruption in the town are his two main priorities. He said he will also look at the issue of water rates and other issues he has heard about while talking to residents.

“Williamston is a great town with great people,” he said. “We can always do better. Somebody has to step up.”

Leach works with the Williamston EMS. He describes himself as blue collar. “We have had to work for what we want and need out of life.”

He and his wife have been married for 12 years and lived in Williamston for four years. He is from a small town in North Carolina and his wife is from Belton. Both have a strong Christian faith.

“Small towns like Williamston have always been what we both call “home.” Leach said. “This is our reason for calling Williamston our home and also the future home to our children. This is also part of the reason why I took a moment to ask myself, “is there anything I could do to better myself or this town and could I be the fresh change or a better change for the town. After all, this is home and in any home, there can always be room to do more or ways to make a home a better place to live and raise children.”

Leach quoted Theodore Roosevelt, “The life that is worth living and the only life that is worth living, is the life of effort, the life of effort to attain what is worth striving for.”

“I would add that a great town is measured by the quality of the lives of the people who live in it,” he said. “Now is the time for new or fresh leadership. The people of this town are tired of the same ole same ole and the black eyes and scandals the town has suffered in the last eight years. It’s time to take on the town’s toughest challenges and be the positive and not a negative change the people want to see.”

Leach said during his time in Williamston he has seen some of the good and some of the things that could be better.

He said he does not come from a political background and doesn’t consider himself too political, but said he does believe in ethics.

He said that small towns were once where people wanted to live, raise children and retire and that small towns were the backbone of the Country.

“In the times we live in today, it’s sad to say that this is no longer the case. Small towns have become too political and mired in corruption. There is hope but when the people are surrounded by those with their own agendas, the people can’t prosper and get back the greatness and pride this town once had.”

Leach said that his intentions are not to act like a leader or only have the interest of the town part time, but to be the fresh new, younger, stronger “people’s mayor” who will have the backbone to push and fight for 100 percent better than “just enough.”

“The people of the town deserve a mayor that is for the people, not against the people or a show for the people,” he said.

“We are facing tough times at every level of government,” Leach said. “Difficult decisions are being made daily that affect the lives of working families everywhere and it couldn’t be more true for us in Williamston.”

“Why would I want to run for elected office the way things are, you ask?”

“Because I believe that Williamston is an amazing place. But a Williamston worth bettering needs the type of fresh and bold leadership that is willing to push and fight for what matters most, and that is the interest of the people of Williamston.”

Leach said other issues he is interested in include bringing business to the area, particularly a grocery store, a boys and girls club or after school program for children.

He said he has been going door to door talking with residents and using social media “getting to know people and their issues.” He said he has “an open mind and open ears,” which he said is “something people of this town really need.”

His campaign slogan is “No more politics, just common sense.”