Seems to Me . . . “Forward!”


By Stan Welch

Forward! That is apparently the campaign slogan for President O’Drama for the 2012 elections.

Forward! That’s brilliant really because we sure as heck can’t go much farther backwards.

Forward! That word has been a slogan for socialism since the days of Karl Marx. Apparently, it’s going to be the slogan for socialism for at least six more months.

Make no mistake, folks. Barack Obama has gone far beyond any American strain of liberalism seen since Eugene V. Debs and the Workers of the World during the early nineteen hundreds, when labor unions were being born amidst bloodshed and murder.

He has nationalized private industry and passed a health care plan that actually makes it illegal for an American citizen to NOT have health insurance. If the federal government can regulate the lack of action by a citizen, what action by a citizen can they NOT regulate?

He has rescued the most voracious and vicious and dangerous bankers on the planet, and broken every promise to punish them for their misdeeds. He pits the rich against the poor, conveniently ignoring his own wealth, or the fact that his every need will be attended to for the rest of his life, regardless of the outcome of the 2012 election.

Forward! Also a handy battle cry for troops being asked, no commanded, to move into harm’s way for the glory of others.


Speaking to a crowd of supporters the other day, Obama blamed the Bush administration and its policies – again? or still?- for the nation’s woes, and asked the crowd to keep believing in him.

He asked those people, and the rest of us, to believe in him, Barack Obama. Not in America. Not in freedom or capitalism or American innovation. Not in ourselves, or our fellow Americans. Not in any of the things that made this nation great; but in him, the president who has led us in a slow exhausting circle around the toilet bowl of economic recession for three years.

And he asked us this while he continues to blame the events of the past for the problems of the present; events, by the way, in which he participated as a member of the Democratic majority Senate – and House. It was only after seeing two years of his performance, his concept of America, his disdain for individual freedom, that the people took back the House of Representatives.

Hey, Prez? How about looking forward, as long as we’re supposedly headed that way. It helps avoid walking into light poles or brick walls, or out in front of buses. Personally, I don’t care if those things happen to you, but the rest of us deserve better. Our parents and husbands and wives and children and brothers fought and died to earn us better. How about yours?

Forward! Also a favorite mantra of lemmings as they plunge over the cliff to the frigid sea below. Lemocrats?

So let me get this straight, Prez. ( Sorry, I have always respected the office of President, even when Nixon held it; but Prez is about the best I can do these days.) You want to point backwards and move forwards at the same time? It’s a good thing you look like gumby, of gumby and pokey fame. You will need extraordinary flexibility in the next six months. Of course, the ability to change directions is perhaps the hall mark of your presidency so far.

Forward! An excellent strategy when the past three years includes Obamacare; a lawsuit against one of your own states in conjunction with a foreign nation; a doubling of prices at the gas pumps since taking office; and attempting to simply repeal the First Amendment by imposing a contraception requirement on employers.

Balance that with nothing more than the fact you happened to be in office when Osama screwed up and got killed, and you might just need to move forward by yourself for awhile.

Seems to me, the crowd following you is getting smaller . . . and smaller.