Mustang Softball advances to State AA Championship series


The Lady Mustang softball team won two games in a row on the road at Gilbert Friday to win the Upper State AA Championship. With an 11-2 win in Game one and an 8-2 win in Game 2 in the Upper State finals, the Mustangs advance to the state championship series being played this week. They will will travel to Dillon Monday for game 1 of the 2A state championship. Game 2 will be played at Palmetto on Wednesday.

The Mustangs lost to Gilbert last Saturday after defeating No. 1 Andrew Jackson on the road. They then came back to win twice Friday in the district finals with Gilbert.

While the Lady ’Stangs were having one of the best days, the Palmetto baseball team didn’t fair as well, taking a 7-0 loss to Gilbert in their AA Upper State Final game.

The Mustang baseball team finished their season with a 23-4 record.