Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following incidents: EASLEY – May 13- J.D. Sparkman responded to 134 Pine Rd. where Jason Fulbright reported that his girl friend, Tina Boswell, WF, 5’4″, 200 pounds, had become angry at him and thrown some of his household items into the yard, damaging them. Sparkman found Boswell in the back yard in her truck with the music playing very loud and with a strong smell of alcohol about her. In his attempts to question her, she continued yelling and cursing loudly. When he attempted to place her in custody, she resisted, striking and shoving him in the process. He used his taser to gain control and she was arrested on charges of malicious damage to property, assault and battery and resisting arrest.


May 11 – P.C. Henry was at the desk at ACSO when he received a call from Daniel Hamby, of 118 Bonnie Lane. Hamby reported the theft of two 50 inch mowing decks for a Troy-Bilt zero turn mower. The loss was estimated at $800.

May 11 – P.C. Henry received a complaint in person at the ACSO desk in which Christopher Shirley reported that someone had over the course of several incidents scratched and dented the doors of his 2004 Chevy Tahoe. The damage was estimated at $500.

May 11 – While responding to a report of a disturbance at 6 Fennell St., M. McCarty learned that the subject, Kevin Stilton, WM, 42,6’, 200pounds, brn/blue, was wanted by the Department of Pardons, Probation and Paroles. He was placed in custody and transported to ACDC.

May 12 – Michael Todd Wilson, WM, 44, 5’7″, 250 pounds, of 1810 Easley Highway, Pelzer was arrested following an investigation into an incident which left his ten year old daughter with “pronounced, visible abrasions to her upper legs, buttocks and back”, according to Deputy C.M. Ashe’s incident report. Wilson’s ex-wife and the mother of the child, Shannon Smith, reported the incident after the girl returned from her father’s residence. Wilson was held overnight and charged with cruelty to a child. He was released on his own recognizance Sunday afternoon.


May 13 – J.E. Scott was working the desk at the ACSO when he received a report from Michael Holcombe, of 2014 Belle Isle Dr., that his black 2012 BenneliX50i moped had been stolen from the apartment building parking lot. The loss was estimated at $2100.

May 14 – J.D. Sparkman was dispatched to the Pilot Convenience Store at 110 Frontage Road, where he was shown surveillance footage of a woman shoplifting several items before fleeing the store in a vehicle driven by another female. Upon tracing the vehicle’s tag number to the listed address, he went there and was told by Douglas West that the vehicle was usually driven by his daughter Dianne. Sparkman went next door where the truck was parked and found West and Kimberley Carpenter, WF, 47, 5’2″, 140 pounds, brn/blue on site. Carpenter was found to be in possession of the stolen items. West claimed no knowledge of the theft. Carpenter had a previous conviction for shoplifting and was taken into custody.

May 14 – C.M. Ashe was leaving the Pilot Convenience Store at110 Frontage Road when the night manager approached and said there was a shoplifter inside. Ashe approached Gabriel Pace, WM, 29, 6’1″, 150 pounds, brn/hazel, of Easley. While talking to him, Ashe was informed by Central Dispatch that Pace was wanted on a grand larceny warrant. When Ashe tried to take him into custody, Pace fled out the side door with Ashe in pursuit. He fled back into the tractor trailers and Deputy J.D. Sparkman arrived to assist. The night manager came out and said that the white female who had been with Pace had stolen some items and was leaving in a silver Ford Escort. Ashe overtook her and initiated a traffic stop. She was found in possession of two Harley Davidson T shirts and was taken into custody. The charges against Pace were to be presented to a magistrate.