Cedar Grove principal selected by peers for award


Principal of Cedar Grove Elementary School, Dr. Eunice Williams, has received the 2012 Tenenbaum Award presented by Bruce Moseley, Program Director for the School Leadership Executive Institute (SLEI) at the South Carolina Department of Education. Dr. Williams recently graduated from the School Leadership Executive Institute, and as a part of this program she was selected by her classmates as the Tenenbaum Award winner for the 2012 cohort.


Dr. Williams reflected on the award by saying, “I truly was honored to receive this, especially from my peers. The group of approximately 35 principals and district level administrators were from all across the state as we participated together in leadership training and they all brought such strengths and expertise to the table. I’m humbled to have them recognize me as someone they respect. In the midst of such tough times economically, our state has so much to be proud educationally. We have such dedicated, hard-working, caring people involved leading our schools and districts. Any time I am a part of state level opportunities like this I am equally reminded of how fortunate we are in Anderson One to have the principals, district administrators and board we have leading our schools and district. They all set a great example for me every day of what great leadership looks like. I feel so blessed to be a part of the best school district in the state.”

The Tenenbaum Award has become a tradition since 2000 that reflects the seriousness, academic rigor, and depth of the School Leadership Executive Institute. The Tenenbaum Award is given to the person in each principals program who has contributed the most to the learning of the group as a whole. This is the person who brought ideas to the table most consistently, who was able to focus on the issues at hand, who was able to get their classmates to go deeper into ideas and look for meaning in topics that were otherwise perhaps difficult to pull meaning from. The recipients of this award are true exemplars of the excellence and dedication of all of South Carolina’s educators. They are outstanding representatives of their peers.

Dr. Wayne Fowler, Anderson One Superintendent, said “Dr. Williams is well deserving of the Tenenbaum Award. She does an outstanding job at Cedar Grove Elementary and has strong leadership qualities.”

Jane Harrison, Director of Elementary Education, said, “The award sums up the qualities Dr. Williams brings to the district and to Cedar Grove Elementary. She constantly seeks opportunities for improvement for student learning at her school. She gives 100 percent.”