Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following incidents this week: EASLEY – May 18 – D.L. Brinston responded to 310 Mayfield Dr. where Thomas Lanning reported the burglary and theft of several items of camping and recreational equipment valued at $3200.


May 18 – C.P. Huff was dispatched to 3 River St. where Kirby Nabors reported that she and her husband, name withheld by ACSO, had been in an altercation. She later fell asleep in a recliner and awoke to find him choking her. She was allegedly choked to the point of unconsciousness and threatened with death. He also put a knife to her throat and again threatened to kill her. He could not be located, but a warrant was to be sought from the magistrate.

May 18 – D.L. Brinston responded to 119 Old Brickyard Rd. where he located a male juvenile being sought by the Easley Police Department. He took the juvenile into custody and transported him to meet an Easley officer to transfer custody.

May 18 – D.L. Brinston responded to the area of Hwy. 8 and Robinwood Ln. where Mindy Amora, WF, 23, reported that she and a 22 year old WF, name withheld by ACSO, had been in altercation over some methamphetamine.

May 20- M.B. Gambrell responded to 5 Courtney where Nancy Coleman reported that someone had broken into her van and stolen the CD from the dash.

May 21 – C. Martin was involved in an accident when a vehicle turning in front of him off of Hwy. 8 with unsecured furniture in the back flung some into the road and Martin hit it, damaging his cruiser slightly.

May 21 – L.F. Bolden responded to the Bi-Lo at 330 Lebby St. where Wendy Smith reported that someone had cracked her windshield while she was inside. The damage was estimated at $300.


May 18 – D. L. Brinston responded to 3013 Hwy. 153 where Amanda Scruggs reported the theft of items valued at $1000 from her vehicle.

May 19 – E.E. Standard responded to the Crack Barrel on Hwy. 153 where Shelly Ledford reported the breaking into and robbery of her vehicle. Two purses were taken and the loss was estimated at $95.

May 20 – R. Anderson was dispatched to 105 Coventry Dr. where Alan Dawson reported that someone broke into his vehicle and took items valued at $50 from his wife’s purse.

May 20 – D.L. Brinston responded to 121 Coventry Dr. where Michelle Wheeler reported that someone had broken into her vehicle and removed items valued at $350.

May 20 – R. Anderson was dispatched to 103 Childs Drive where Andrew Dicken reported that someone had broken into his vehicle and took some items. No value was given.

May 20 – D.L. Brinston was on patrol near Wall St. and Hwy. 153 when he observed a white Toyota Celica with a cracked windshield. He initiated a traffic stop and was inspecting the proper documents when he noticed a strong chemical smell similar to that of methamphetamines being cooked. He placed Christine Francis, WF, 27, 5’2″, 125 pounds, of Liberty, and Wade Morris, III, WM, 25, 5’6″, 160 pounds, of Liberty, in custody while he searched the vehicle. He found a number of syringes containing methamphetamine and other ingredients used in manufacturing it. The two were placed under arrest and transported to ACDC.

May 20 – R. Anderson responded to 2 Archie St. where he took a WF, 16, who was a runaway from Spartanburg County, into custody and transported her to a location where he turned her over to the SCSO.

May 21 – J.D. Sparkman was dispatched to 110 Frontage Rd. where Chuck Anderson, of TNC Express, reported that someone had entered his Freightliner and stolen some cases of transmission fluid, valued at $60.

C.M. Ashe responded to GCR Tires at 405 Oak Rd. where Mark Buckland reported the theft of tires and tools from the site valued at $10,000.

May 21 – J.D. Sparkman responded to 410 Osteen Hill Rd. where Jeremiah Holdbrooks reported seeing a white Tahoe backed into his garage as he drove past his house. He pulled in to block the Tahoe with his vehicle and saw 3 black males. One came out to his truck and began to assault him, including hitting him in the head with a pistol. They then rammed his truck and fled. One was described as a BM, 18/22, with light brown hair and shorts, with a blue T shirt/

May 22 – R.M. Cooper responded to 120J Wadmalaw Dr. where Christopher Chiles, reported seeing a white male, teenaged, 5’10″, 190 pounds scratching the hood of his mother’s car with an implement. The letters FU were found and the damage was estimated at $4000.

May 22 – C. Martin and K.D. Pigman were dispatched to 409 Wren School Rd. where William Reid reported the theft of his 1997 Harley Davidson motorcycle valued at $8000.


May 18- S.R. Gambrell was dispatched to 513 Willingham Rd. where Donald Hughey reported that someone had cut through his fence at the site and had jacked up several cars and stolen the wheels off of them. The loss was estimated at $2500.

May 19 – S.R. Gambrell responded to 138 Dickerson Rd. where Herman Tompkins said he had noticed a white male walking the vacant property next door, owned by Sara Adamek. He went over and tried the front door and saw the male run out the back and into the woods.

May 19 – J.F. Marano responded to 104 Pierce Rd. where Tonia Vaughn reported that someone had entered her home and stolen the money from her two children’s piggy banks leaving the plastic containers behind. The loss was estimated at $280.

May 19 – M.B. Gambrell was dispatched to 317 Briar Wood East where Kimberley Wood reported someone had gone under her house and stolen tires valued at $250.

May 20 – Kevin Evatt responded to 104 Carol St. where Todd Stephens said he and his wife were taking a walk when they received a call from his special needs son who said he heard a loud bang in the garage. Stephens returned home to find that a large cable lock had been cut from a refrigerator in the garage and several items were scattered on the floor.

May 20 – M.B. Gambrell responded to Kirsch Drive where he found Christopher Browing, WM, 37, 5’9″, 175 pounds, brn/blue in the road. He had a strong smell of alcohol and was loud and boisterous according to Gambrell’s report. He was placed into custody and transported to ACDC.