Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following: EASLEY – June 1 – D.L. Brinston responded to 170 Spearman Circle where he found Tara Lynn Key, no description, and Dillon Cureton, WM, 20, 5’10″, 170 pounds, of Easley, leaving the Dolly Cooper Park. He stopped them and subsequently discovered 23 grams of marijuana in the truck, which belonged to Cureton. He was placed in custody for possession and placed on trespass notice for the park.

Two days later, Deputy Brinston was dispatched to the park once again, where he found two vehicles mudding in the park. Brad Foster, WM, 21, 5’9″, 180 pounds and Michael Holden, WM, 20, 5’6″, 165 pounds were taken into custody for malicious mischief at the request of Matthew Schell, director of Anderson County parks and recreation.

June 2 – J.T. Bowers was dispatched to 3518 Hwy. 153 where Justin Silvia reported that a black Jeep had been parked on the site for several weeks. A check of the tag showed the vehicle to be stolen from Spartanburg County, and it was towed back there.

June 3 – J.T. Bowers responded to the Hwy. 81 Car Wash at11512 Anderson Rd. where Isaac Brown reported finding the window to the business broken and a window air conditioner pushed out of the wall when he arrived. Nothing could be found to have been stolen. While on the scene Bowers was approached by John Masters, owner of Champions Golf nearby. He reported that someone had torn up his business sign and knocked over a propane grill.

June 5 – J.D. Sparkman and R.D. Smith were dispatched to 302 Shenandoah Dr. in reference to a burglary in progress. They apprehended two suspects, Worley Brown, Jr., WM, 47, 6’, 145 pounds and Rhonda Gantt, WF, 40, 5’5, 125 pounds, both of Newberry SC. Both were arrested.


June 1 – A.D. Hendrix was on patrol on Highway 8 when he saw a gold Acura cross the center line several times. He initiated a traffic stop at Highway 29 and spoke with the driver, Rebakah Jolley, WF, 33, 5’4″, 120 pounds, of Pelzer. She seemed very nervous and was trembling.

She consented to a search of the car and several pills were discovered as well as other paraphernalia. She had no prescription for the pills, which were a controlled narcotic. She was taken into custody.

June 2 – E.E. Standard responded to 7205 Hwy. 29 N where Clay Murphy reported that someone had broken into his storage locker and taken tools and equipment valued at $1150.

June 4 – R.M. Cooper responded to Experimental Fabrics on Hwy. 8 where Max Jones reported someone had entered a storage building and taken several tools and other items valued at $1150.

June 4 – J.D. Sparkman was dispatched to 124 Pine Drive where Alice Huffman reported the theft of tools and equipment from her enclosed back porch. The loss was estimated at $880.

June 4 – C.M. Ashe responded to 134 Roger Drive where Joseph Montgomery, WM, 38, 5’11″, 190 brn/brn and Ruth Waggoner, WF, 45, 5’8″, 180 pounds, blond/blue admitted to being in a fight with each other.

Both were injured; both were arrested and charged with criminal domestic violence, first offense.

In addition, Montgomery was arrested for throwing a door knob and hitting an 8 year old boy who spoke to him during the fight with Waggoner. He was charged with assault and battery, third degree.


June 1 – J.A. Banister responded to 103 Krim Road, where James Fitzgerald, who had been asked to watch the property in question by the owner, reported that four kids had been driving their vehicles and tearing up the grass. When contacted, the owner of the property wanted to press charges. The only non-juvenile suspect, Tyler Saxon, WM, 19, 5’7″, 200 pounds, brn/brn was charged with trespassing. The three juveniles were retrieved by their parents.

June 1 – J.A. Banister was dispatched to 205 Saluda Dr., Apt. 39 where Sheba Boyd reported her ex-boyfriend let the air out of her tire and grabbed her by the throat, forcing her back inside. There he threatened to hit her with a glass table top before fleeing. Efforts to locate the boyfriend have been unsuccessful.

June 2- D.L. Brinston was on patrol in the area of Three Bridges Road when he saw a pickup truck on the site of the new Spinx convenience store, and a white male loading metal and other materials into the truck. The driver fled but Brinston stopped him. Marty Darnell, WM, 41, 5’9″, 130 pounds, brn/blue, from Greenville, was also wanted for failure to appear by the Williamston Police, and he was taken into custody.

June 2 – J.A. Bannister responded to Corner Magic at 2615 Hwy. 153 in reference to Nathan Balcombe, WM, 21, 5’10″, 160 pounds, brn/grn who refused to stop trading in cards on the site, as asked several times. He was placed on trespass notice.

June 3 – E.E. Standard responded to The Carpenter House church where Perry Dunn complained that someone had thrown a cement block through an exterior window, causing $500 in damage.

June 4 – R.M. Cooper was dispatched to 1115 Wren School Road where Freddie Bryant, a contractor for Kines Unlimited Inc. reported that someone had broken into a building under construction and stolen various items including a DeWalt chop saw. The loss was estimated at $1030.

June 5 – J. Villegas received a complaint by phone from David White of 1728 Elrod Rd, reporting that his Moped had been stolen during the night. The loss was estimated at $500.


June 2 – J.G. Williams responded to 210 Jalen Dr. where Anna Mendoza reported being struck in the head during an argument. She also complained of neck pain, and was transported to AnMed for examination.

June 4 – W.M. Hunnicutt was on patrol on Hampton Road near Midway Road when he observed two men on a Moped which crossed the center line several times. Hunnicutt turned on his blue lights but the driver ignored them. A mile later, he hit the siren, but the moped ignored him.

The moped fled up Hwy. 29 to the Jockey Lot where the riders attempted to hide behind a building. Various law enforcement agencies were involved by this time and they apprehended Donnie Cheek, WM, 56, 6’2″, 180 pounds and his brother, James Cheek, Jr., WM, 52, 5’10″, 150 pounds.

The two were taken into custody on charges of failure to stop for blue lights, public disorderly conduct, and open container.

June 4 – Desk officer B. Simpson was contacted by Taylor Fowler of All About Landscaping located at 5539 Hwy. 81 N. He reported the theft of a 12 foot black dump trailer valued at $5500.