Pelzer approves budget, considers lease proposal


The town of Pelzer approved first reading on their 2012-13 budget and heard information on a cell tower proposal during their June meeting on Friday. The budget reflects revenues of $782,345 to expenses of $776,589 for a net reserve of $5,756. The majority of the budget is for water and sewer operations with additional expenditures for parks and recreation.

Water revenues are projected at $237,750 with expense of $236,541. Projected sewer revenues are $287,175 with expenses of $291,263. Recreation shows revenues of $84,608 with expenses of $153,237 and indirect expenses of $47,284 for a loss of $115,913.

Other revenue for the town, which makes up the difference, includes franchise fees, rental income, MASC, aid to subdivisions and accomodations tas for a total of $166,264.

A representative of Tri-Star Investors presented information related to a proposal involving the lease of the cell tower located at the Pelzer ballfields.

George Zahari told the council that his company offers a revenue share program instead of a direct monthly lease payment. The town’s current lease agreement has 12 years left on it.

Zahari said his proposal would include a $6,000 per year payment to the town until the lease expires in exchange for the right to manage the tower when the lease ends. At that point the company will have a forty percent revenue share which could result in additional revenues for the town.

The current lease to American Tower has two cell service providers on the 180 ft. self support tower.

.A request by Dianne Lollis to use the park for a fall festival on October 13 was approved by Council. The event will include bluegrass music, food vendors, rides and activities for children, Lollis said.

Lollis also asked if the town could provide grass cutting at the cemetery. The Pelzer Heritage Commission has been overseeing a cleanup project for several months. Lollis said the group is looking at providing a fence, dogwood trees and a sign for the cemetery.

Pelzer Administrator Skip Watkins said the town could help with grass cutting.