Durham announces plans to run for office of mayor


WilliamstonDr. R. Mack Durham, current Councilman for Williamston, Ward 2, announced this week that he will pursue the office of Mayor in the upcoming election.

His stated platform includes honest representation of the consensus of our community, increased responsible stewardship of revenues and efficiency of duties by the local government and development of local jobs and improvement of community enrichment and quality of life programs.

According to Durham, his plan provides actions to implement our currently stagnant comprehensive and strategic planning.

“We have had a comprehensive plan in place for years. Upon taking office I began working to get a strategic plan in place. Our strategic plan has now been in place over a year with no specific budgetary support for its implementation.”

Improvement of Main Street façade and streetscape, increased availability of local activities and events, and economic development, all with a focus on sustainability, top his list of priorities.

“I will run on my own merits and do my best to engage issues in a positive manner,” Durham said.

His campaign slogan is “FOCUSED ON OUR FUTURE.”

“The financial re-building of our Town has been a necessary process to regain our corporate health, but now, as we continue those healthy practices, we need to focus on the quality of life that we are providing for our community.”

Durham states, “We need leadership with vision, to realize the greater potential of the Williamston area and I have a plan to accomplish that vision. I constantly listen to our community and I have formed relationships with our County and State leadership. I can assure you that they are all supportive of leadership that will provide for the quality growth and development of our Town. We need to be able to work together as a team to get results.”

When asked what qualifications he brings to the office of Mayor, he said, “I am a lifetime resident of Williamston and have had a local business here for 20 years. During my current term as Councilman of Ward 2, I have gained valuable experience, completed training in both local government and economic development, and I have seen first-hand the potential strengths and weaknesses of our current Administration and Council. We have great potential in our community but need effective leadership that can implement an achievable vision. I believe that I can provide the needed leadership to produce the positive changes that will create a desirable future for our community. I want Williamston to be a great place to live and raise a family for generations to come!”

For more information, contact Durham at 617-5097 or visit his website at www.palmetto107.com.

Hi invites residents to contact him to express ideas or concerns and said, “Remember, Don’t Go Back – Vote for Mack!”