Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Thieves target vehicle contents –
Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the theft of IPods, CDs, cell phones and computer parts and other items from vehicles. Among incidents investigated were the following: – EASLEY – July 7 – Reports state C.M. Ashe was dispatched to 1002 Greenwood Court where he contacted Brian Gordon, WM, 22, 6’, 185 pounds, brn/green who was heavily intoxicated according to Ashe. Gordon stated that he and Daniel Pearson, WM, 19, 5’11″, 210 pounds, blond/hazel had been in an argument when he punched Pearson. Pearson confirmed the account, adding that he had also been kicked and choked. Gordon was taken into custody and later served with a warrant for assault and battery, third degree.

July 8 – J.E. Scott responded to 4415 Hwy. 153 where Rick Culbertson reported that someone had vandalized the fountain in front of the Set Free Christian Fellowship church. Damage was estimated at $200.

July 9 – R. Anderson was dispatched to 410 Clarendon Dr. where Donald Campbell reported that someone had broken into his truck and stolen a number of items valued at $1650.

July 9 – P.D. Marter responded to 2219 Pendleton Rd. where Raymond Day, Jr. reported that someone had gone under the hood of his truck and stolen the on board computer that controls the emission controls. The part is valued at $400.


July 9 – M.B. Gambrell responded to 103 McClellion Dr. where Julian Burgess reported the theft of his lawn mower, valued at $1500.


July 7 – M.W. Hunnicutt was dispatched to 120 Effie Dr. where June Atkins reported that George Sedner WM, 44, 5’8″, 180 pounds had assaulted her as well as breaking a number of items and furniture in the house. The case was to be presented to a magistrate for action.

July 8 – M.W. Hunnicutt responded to 216 Bonanza Dr. where Mary Hughes reported the theft of her vehicle, valued at $20,000.

July 8 – R.M. Cooper was dispatched to 208 Miranda Lane where Matthew Cox reported the theft of his 2001 Dodge Ram pickup. The vehicle was valued at $4000.

July 8 – J.E. Scott responded to 609 Banne Court where Stephani Humphrey reported that two IPODs had been stolen, one from her vehicle and one from her son’s vehicle. The loss was estimated at $620.

July 8 – J.E. Scott responded to 604 Banne Court where Jason Crews reported that someone had broken into his vehicle and stolen approximately 25 CDs valued at $250.

July 8 – Sgt. J. Bowland responded to 204 River Oaks Circle where April Richardson reported that someone had stolen her purse from her car and an IPOD from her husband’s truck.

July 8 – J.E. Scott was dispatched to 111 River Oaks Dr. where Scottie Suttles reported that someone entered his truck and stole a cell phone and charger valued at $250.

July 8 – C.M. Ashe responded to 413 Hurricane Creek Rd. in reference to a civil dispute. While on the scene, Michelle Engle, the next door neighbor, approached to complain that Brian Mickens, BM, 31, had been loud and disruptive while fighting with his girlfriend. Ashe himself saw Mickens make threats and use gang hand signs towards Engle. He was taken into custody for breach of the peace.

July 9 – B. Vaughn responded to 100 Miranda Lane where Melony Mize reported that someone had stolen an 80 year old commemorative SCHP badge valued at $100.

July 9 – J.K. Price was dispatched to 211 Trotter Dr. where Jeff Solesbee reported the theft of two tool boxes valued at $500 from the bed of his pickup truck.


July 7 – C.M. Ashe responded to 229 Reidville Rd. in reference to an intoxicated person. He found Cristal Patterson, WF, 34, 5’7″, 140 pounds, brn/green to be heavily intoxicated and wandering along the road. She refused to answer any questions and complained of ant bites. EMS was called and when she became belligerent during the examination, she was arrested for public disorderly conduct.

July 8 – M.W. Hunnicutt met with Williamston police to take custody of Tommy Snead, WM, 28, 5’9″, 230 pounds, of Pelzer. Upon arrival at the ACDC, Snead was served with 12 warrants for bad checks.

July 8 – C.M. Ashe was dispatched to 4820 Midway Road where Thomas Craft reported that someone had entered his home and stolen jewlery valued at more than $45,000.