Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated a gas drive off, egging incident and several thefts of property from homes and businesses. Among incidents investigated were the following: EASLEY – Aug. 4 – K.S. Looney responded to The Money Store at 3522 Hwy. 153 where Limaris Carrasco complained that someone had tried to pry the door open during the night. Entry was not achieved but approximately $25 in damage was done to the door frame.

Aug. 6- J.T. Bowers was dispatched to 100 Bent Willow Way where Pete Murphy stated that he had confronted Joseph Gambrell, WM, 36, 6’,210 pounds, brn/brn while he was loading scaffolding and brick lintels from a job site into his truck. Gambrell then unloaded the materials. He was taken into custody and transported to ACDC while a warrant was sought for simple larceny.


Aug. 6- S.L. Steward responded to the SavWay at 110 Highway 20 S. where Yvette Miller reported that a black male, 20/25 years old, 6’, 125 pounds with braids, driving a black four door Nissan Maxima used a pre-paid Rush Visa card for security for gas. He then drove off without retrieving the card, which turned out to have no value left. The card had the name Eric Freeman on it.


Aug. 4 – R.M. Cooper was dispatched to 120 Isadore Dr. where Kenneth Spearman reported the theft of his riding lawnmower. Cooper had responded earlier in the day to a report of found property, which was the lawn mower. Spearman was reunited with his property.

Aug. 5 – R.M. Cooper responded to 107 Wren Crossing Lane where James Taylor complained that someone had broken into his house and stolen tools, jewelry, computer equipment, musical instruments and other items. The loss was estimated at $21,800. In a related call, Cooper responded to 103 Wren Crossing Lane where George Sweet reported the egging of his home. He found a female’s flip flop in his yard, and its mate in a neighbor’s yard.

Aug. 5 – C.P. Huff responded to 144 Lesley Rd. where Jose Frutos-Frutos reported that his girlfriend had become irate when she learned Frutos-Frutos was getting a tattoo. She bit his arm and left the vehicle with their two children. Sometime during the incident, she cut her wrists several time according to the boyfriend. It was subsequently learned that she had been in contact with Easley city police and she and the children were alright. Frutos-Frutos signed a complaint for criminal domestic violence.

Aug. 5 – K.S. Looney was on patrol near Hwy. 88 and Hwy. 8 when he saw a blue Dodge Durango run a red light at the intersection there. He made a traffic stop and discovered that the driver, Daniel Ingram, WM, 31, 5’8″, 250 pounds, brn/brn was driving under suspension. He was taken into custody and transported to the ACDC.


Aug. 4- Cpl. K.D. Pigman responded to 116 Chippewa Lane where Christopher Ahlf reported the theft of several transformers from the site. The loss was estimated at $3000.

Aug. 4 – C. Martin was dispatched to 111 Oakland Terrace where Robin Brown reported that someone had entered the residence and taken a 27″ Toshiba TV, 30 collectible Zippo lighters, and other items valued at $819.

Aug. 6 – D.L. Brinston responded to 1029 Firetower Rd. where Philip Wall reported the theft of his propane tank, valued at $30.