Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following:


Aug. 19 – R.M. Cooper responded to Jessie Dr. where Joshalynn Curcio complained that she was in her home when her friend came and told her that her brother-in-law Karley Hembree was walking down the street bleeding. He arrived at the house with blood on the side of his face and said 6 guys had jumped him. Curcio said she and a friend rode to the scene and asked who did it. According to reports, while they were there, Brandon Kelley drove up and pulled out a shotgun from his truck. He pressed it against Curcio’s shoulder and threatened to shoot through her to hit Hembree. Several witnesses confirmed the account given by Curcio. Kelley, WM, 18, 5’7″, 180 pounds, brn/brn was located by Cooper and taken into custody for pointing a firearm at any person.

Aug. 20 – D.L. Brinston was dispatched to 113 Soleil Way where Wesley Brazell complained that he had been struck in the leg with a vehicle. The case was to be presented to the magistrate. No arrests were made at the time.

Aug. 20 – R. Anderson responded to 106 Gadwall Dr. where Rebekah Cawthon reported that her boyfriend Roderick White, WM, 43, 5’11″, 175 pounds, blue/blond had struck her during an argument. She was grossly intoxicated according to the report and gave several versions of the story. Cawthon said she began throwing things and he asked her to leave the house. She was found to have an active warrant outstanding and she was taken into custody.


Aug.19 – J.D. Sparkman responded to 236 Smith St. where William Buell IV reported that someone had broken into his truck and stolen the title to it.


Aug. 18 – J.D. Sparkman was dispatched to 312 Santee Dr. where Brandi Coleman reported that someone had broken into her home, and damaged the door. Nothing was taken.

Deputy A. Land also received a report from Laci Vohnoutka and Bonnie Kimsbrough that Clayton Anderson, WM, 26, 5’7, 180 pounds, blond/blue, of Travelers Rest, had followed them into the apartment and refused to leave. He damaged one door by throwing a bottle through it. Damage was estimated at $150.

Aug. 19 – J.T. Hunt responded to 100 Mattison Ridge Rd. where Destany Fields reported that a friend’s dog had bitten her baby in the face while they were both on the bed.

Aug. 19 – J.E. Scott was dispatched to 102 Hollywood Dr. where Elizabeth Daniels stated she arrived home and found the back door open. She said several items of furniture valued at $760 were taken.

Aug. 20 – Cpl. S.L. Steward responded to Morton Motor Express where David Morton said a customer had complained because the tires he had ordered were not there. The truck driver who made the delivery said he went to the location indicated by his GPS unit and a black male confirmed he was in the right place. He signed for the tires. When Steward went to that location, he found that it was Eddie’s Truck Service. No one was there. The cost of the tires was $10,000.

Aug. 20 – E.E. Standard responded to the Wren Youth Association facility where Thomas Cherry reported that someone had spray painted sexually explicit pictures on the ball field.


Aug. 18 – I.N. Moore spoke with Tina Walleck, of 1710 Campbell Rd. who said someone had stolen her black 5X8 utility trailer from the home of a friend she had loaned it to. The value was estimated at $1100.

Aug. 18 – Cpl. M. McCarty went to the Williamston Police Department to serve a family court bench warrant on Harvey Roundtree, BM, 36, 5’6″, 150 pounds. He was transported to ACDC.

Aug. 19 – C.P. Huff responded to 207 Ridgecrest Way, where Mabel Hodgson. WF, 33, reported that Talmadge Hairston, BM, 34, 6’, 160 pounds, black/hazel had come to the house they share and demanded to be let in. When she refused she said he tried to kick the doors in. He was arrested and transported to ACDC for criminal domestic violence, 2nd degree.