Anderson County Sheriff’s Office


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following incidents:

EASLEY – Sept. 28 – R.M. Cooper responded to 106 Powdersville Main where Larry Davis reported the theft of a Taurus.38 Special revolver from his vehicle. The loss was estimated at $300.

Sept. 29 – G.M. Guthrie was dispatched to 517 Three Bridges Road where Mark Hayes reported the theft of a washer/dryer combination valued at $2800 and a Stingray bicycle valued at $200.

Sept. 29 – R.D. Smith was dispatched to 778 Hendricks Rd. where Mandy Brazell and Scott Chandler reported being robbed at knife point by a while male and female whom they interrupted while robbing a camper parked at the residence. The white male pulled a knife and also stole Brazell’s purse. The two were both in their 20s but no other description was given.

Sept. 30 – B.C. Scroggs was dispatched to 107 Elizabeth City Dr. where Wendy Hammond reported that she had discovered six hundred dollars missing from her purse after briefly leaving Aubrey Trammell, WF, 26, 5’4″, 100 pounds, of Greenville, alone in her house.


Sept. 29 – L.F. Bolden responded to 110 StoneyBrook Rd. where Darrell Williams reported the theft of a digital camera and a Garmin GPS unit from his vehicle. The loss was estimated at $260.

Sept. 30 – L.F. Bolden responded to 10 Square St. where Connie Nix reported that someone had entered her house through a window and stolen items of jewelry valued at $500.

Oct. 1 – J.G. Williams was dispatched to 36 Smythe St. where Tonya Penry reported that someone had entered her home and stolen $1250 in cash from her purse while she was attending a funeral.


Sept. 28- J.K. Price responded to the Burger King on Hwy. 153 to take custody of Steven Redding, WM, 53, 5’10″, 185 pounds, gray/blue from the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office. He was wanted on active warrants from Anderson County.

Sept. 28 – G.M. Guthrie responded to the McDonald’s at 108 Frontage Rd. where Felicia Edwards reported that someone had broken into her car while she was working and stolen a purse and other items valued at $80.

Sept. 28 – R.M. Cooper was dispatched to Joe Schmoe’s Pizza at 11028 Anderson Rd. where Samuel King reported that someone had smashed in his front door and stolen a handgun hidden beneath the counter. Two registers were also broken into but only coins were in them and nothing else was missing. There was blood scattered around where the subject apparently cut themselves entering the smashed door.

Sept. 28 – T.J. Burgess was working at Wren High School as the SRO when a drug dog was taken through the car lot and alerted to a car belonging to Evan Armstrong, WM, 17, 6’3″, 190 pounds, brn/grn. He was called from class and allowed a search, which turned up a number of pills. He was arrested for illegal possession of a controlled substance and transported to ACDC.

Sept. 28 – R.D. Smith was dispatched to the CVS Pharmacy at Hwys. 81 and 153 to meet with Sherry Ging. She reported that her ex-boyfriend, Robert Frantz, WM, 44, 5’6″, 180 pounds, had flagged her down earlier and asked her to go with him to pick up a vehicle and transport it to his mother’s house. She agreed but they began arguing about their past relationship and she said he grabbed her by the back of the neck and also tore her blouse. Smith planned to present the case to a magistrate.

Sept. 29 – C.P. Huff responded to the Spinx convenience store on Hwy. 153 where Michael Knight reported that two black males had stolen two cases of beer each and fled in a tan Suburban SUV bearing SC tag# 591 -1FQ.

Sept. 29 – R.M. Cooper was dispatched to 110 Wood Creek Dr. where Eric Gerisch reported that his ex-wife, Anna Gerisch, WF, 32, had broken into his home by breaking the front door and taken several household items, both in violation of a restraining order.

Sept. 30 – R.D. Smith responded to 1709 Elrod Rd. where Michael Hart, WM, 18, 5’8″, 160 pounds, and his sister Ashley Hart, WF, 22, 5’1″, 105 pounds got into a physical altercation following a football party. Both punched and pushed each other and she broke the antenna off his truck and scratched one of the windows with scissors. Neither pressed charges and no arrests were made but Smith planned to present the case to a magistrate.

Sept. 30 – R.M. Cooper was dispatched to 103 Jameson Dr. where Joe Schweitzer reported that someone had broken into his vehicle and stolen a variety of items, mostly computer parts, valued at $2000.

Sept. 30 – R.M. Cooper responded to 120 Cool Meadows Dr. where Gabriel Baez and Yaritza Santiago both reported the breaking and entering of their vehicles at that address. The losses were estimated at $300.


Sept. 28 – R.M Cooper responded to 309 Sweetgum Circle where Crystal Cockfield stated that someone had entered her vehicle and stolen a BOA checkbook from the console.

Sept. 29 – J.N. Perkins responded to 129 Dickerson Rd. where David Tompkins reported the theft of his black utility trailer, valued at $800.

Sept. 29 – L.F. Bolden responded to the Williamston Police Dept. where he took custody of Billy Gene Harness, Jr., WM, 36, 6’1″, 195 lbs.. He was wanted on a bench warrant and was taken to ACDC.

Sept. 30 – M.W. Hunnicutt responded to 1630 Campbell Rd. where Isaac Stokes reported the theft of several items from his home while he was away. The loss was estimated at $175.