Around the County . . .


The following information was obtained from the Anderson County Public Works update for the week ending Sept. 28.


· Tuesday was the start of air charter season with the Clemson girls Volleyball team.

· Anderson Regional Airport’s Pavement Rehab Project was selected as the Gold Winner in the Reliever & General Aviation Airports category with American Concrete Pavement Association. This year 30 projects will be honored from 14 categories after competing locally and nationally with hundreds of excellent projects. As a gold winner we will be formally recognized with an award and the project partners Contractor APAC-Tennessee, Ballenger Paving Division, Engineer LPA Group at the 49th Annual Meeting at Marco Island Florida, which is held in November.

Building & Codes

· We have received confirmation from the SC Building Codes Council that enforcement of the 2012 International Codes will go into effect on July 1st, 2013 upon Legislative approval. Due to prior issues at the State level, we will be skipping the 2009 International Codes and going directly to the 2012 International Codes. We are currently enforcing the 2006 International Codes.

· In coordination with Anderson County Building & Codes, the Home Builders Association of Anderson and England Enterprises – Training Division, we have set up a 2 day 2012 International Codes training seminar on April 16 and 17, 2013 to highlight the code changes from the 2006 International Codes to the 2012 International Codes. This will be held at Tri-County Tech. College – Pendleton Campus and will involve the surrounding Counties and Municipalities. This will cover Residential, Commercial, Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing.

· PERMITS ISSUED: 12 New Single-Family Dwelling and 6 addition/renovation; 6 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades; 5 Detached Storage/Garage Buildings; 2 New Swimming Pools; 6 Commercial; 9 Mobile Home including: New Homes and Change of Ownership

· DRAWINGS SUBMITTED: Michelin Area C Shell, Michelin Foundation & Shell – Building 127, Michelin Area C Canteen – Foundation & Shell, Michelin Equipment Foundation Area B630 & B632, Suntrust Bank – ATM Canopy, Williamston Church of God Up-Fit, Various re-submittals

Development Standards

· LAND USE PERMITS ISSUED: Wolfpack Defense Firearms located at 5409 Clemson Blvd. Anderson

· GRADING PERMITS ISSUED: Tri-County Anderson Quick Jobs New Facility located on Michelin Boulevard, Anderson

· SUBDIVISIONS APPROVED: Kudzu Commercial Park located on Clair Drive, Piedmont and Shenandoah Acres, a Residential Subdivision located on Shenandoah Road.

Fleet Services

· The Solid Waste Trackhoe is back in service. It had blown head gasket.

· Solid Waste Trash Compactor truck is back in service.

· FuelMaster & MIS scheduled to come in to install new software on Oct. 2, 2012. Fuelmaster is our fuel accounting software.

· The small mowing Tractor for the Starr Landfill is having the clutch replaced under parts warranty. Will be ready as soon as possible.

· Advertising the following positions: Tire Repairer, 1 Automotive & Equipment Tech II, and 2 Lead Technician. We lost three techs to Michelin.

Planning & Community Development

· Working with SC Natural Heritage Corridor on the names of contacts for her community meetings forthcoming concerning the Natural Heritage Corridor.

· Reviewing the Comprehensive Plan updates and Capital Improvements Plan for changes prior to full presentation before the Planning Commission.

· Attended training session on Safety Procedures for Major Pipelines.

Roads & Bridges

· Simmons Ford Road (C-20-0010) Bridge project completed; road was opened to the public Tuesday morning. The work was completed well ahead of the original date of April 1, 2013.

· Four in-house single-treatment projects were completed: Quincy Lane (C-14-0024), Cedar Lane (C-20-0055A), Grant Drive (C-20-0011), and Refuge Church Road (C-04-0011).

· One guardrail project on our “DOT flag report” list was completed: Ridge Road (C-02-0135).

· Maplewood subdivision was accepted into the county road maintenance system through bonding. Our crew re-graded the shoulders and ditches to meet minimum county standards.

· Positions currently advertising: 1 Equipment Operator on ditching crew, 1 Equipment Operator on grading crew, and 1 Engineering Technician.

Solid Waste

· Staff apprehended one of the individuals that have been breaking into the Whitefield Convenience Center. Individual was taking items from the Haven of Rest building, and is on Trespass Notice by the Sheriff’s Department.

· Environmental Enforcement took 9 Litter cases to trial this week. All 9 were found guilty.

· Staff picked up the 40-yard containers from the City of Belton Fall Cleanup.

· Staff picked up 1.36 tons of text books from Honea Path Elementary School for recycling this week. We appreciate their efforts in recycling.

· Staff is in the process of placing more trespassing signs up at all convenience centers for after hours. Individuals are stealing the signs off the fences.


· Roberts Presbyterian Church has submitted a permit application and plan. Comments requesting some additional information and revisions have been sent back to the design engineer. An approvable plan is anticipated very soon. It was reported last week that a civil penalty was to be issued; however, that was averted due to the submission of the application.

· SCDHEC conducted an audit of the Anderson County and City of Belton MS4s last September. The audit report was received this week. A Satisfactory rating was given. The report did state that one permit requirement was not being met, and recommended the stormwater ordinance be revised to address construction sites less than one acre in high priority areas. A high priority area could be within a specified distance of an impaired water body.


· Right-of-Way crew cut 23,033 feet of sewer line ROW on the Beaver Dam line. Cut from Long Road to Cobb’s Glenn and then on to Snow Road and finish at the Anderson city line off of Hwy 29 N. We have some issues with beaver activity on these sections of line that we are researching ways to control.

· Inspected 3 residential sewer taps and one commercial tap: Lot 33 and 88 in Blythewood subdivision, lot 23 in Airy Springs subdivision and CEL Chemical in Piedmont.

· Working on design work for the Liberty Highway Pump Station. With the recent growth around Liberty Hwy and I85 areas the station is nearing full pumping capacity. We are planning on using the existing wet well and replacing the pumps with more pumping capacity.

· Replaced one manhole frame and lid on Old Portman Rd. that was hit by a mowing crew and repaired one on Hwy 81N that was also hit by a mowing crew.

· Cleaned 7 drying beds (10.07 tons of sludge) and hauled to the land fill.