Clardy recovering from surgery


Phillip Clardy is at home and recovering well from surgey last Friday.


In an email Clardy stated, “day by day I experience a renewed strength and each step brings me closer to a full recovery. I am so much indebted to everyone for all the prayers and words of encouragement left here and called to my home and to the hospital.

Each and every visit, card and flower is so greatly appreciated with your expressions of thoughtfulness. Words will never be able to convey the humbled experience I have been given through this time to know that I have been, in every way and in each moment, covered by sincere and continual prayer.”

He went on, “The support continues to prove overwhelming, and I look forward to seeing the good residents of Williamston do what they always do- see past the petty and the hurtful, and put their support where there is positive and honest leadership. Please continue to keep every aspect of my life in your prayers. I want, and earnestly seek God’s perfect will for where and when I am supposed to be. This trial has an objective, and I am ready to see His will performed. Thank you again and God bless.”


Clardy said he plans to continue to run for the office of Mayor of Williamston.