DeMint comments on National Politics


By Stan Welch

United States Senator Jim DeMint feels confident that Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney will prevail in November, and also feels there is a chance that the Republicans might even regain the Senate.

Speaking to The Journal Monday, while touring the Watson Engineering facility in Piedmont, Sen. DeMint said that he anticipated a fairly substantial victory for Governor Romney, and a “slightly better than fifty-fifty chance to recapture the Senate.”

“ Considering the President’s record, or lack of one, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s lack of leadership in the Senate, I just don’t think people are likely to vote for four more years of the same thing. The Senate hasn’t done what the people expect it to do, even to the point of failing to adopt a budget for three years. I think people understand that leadership requires more.”

Asked for his views on the recent crisis in Libya, which saw U,S, Ambassador Chris Stevens and three of his security team killed, DeMint said, “I wish I could give you a clear picture of what actually happened, but the Congress, as well as the American people, have been misled by the administration. The Libyan president was more forthcoming than President Obama was.”

“We are learning a little more as time goes on, such as that the security had actually been decreased. The Senate has offered several bills that would require that Congress be given advance notice of such changes, but Senator John Kerry blocked those, “ said DeMint.

“There are serious concerns about the way this situation has been handled. I expect there will be a good bit more said and done about this.”