Williamston police investigate incidents


Williamston Police Officers reported making several drug arrests and investigated other incidents including shoplifting, gas drive off, assault and battery outstanding warrants and the theft of gas from an 18 wheeler. Among incidents investigated were the following:

Oct. 15 – Trudi Lane West, 32, 1433 Grady Hall Rd., Anderson, was arrested for outstanding bench warrrant for driving under suspension after the Anderson County Detention Center notified WPD that she was in custody.

Oct. 16 – A 14 year old juvenile female was transported to WPD and released to a legal guardian after an incident in which a 15 year old female juvenile reported being hit in the head five times. According to reports, the 14 year old suspect will be suspended from school for five days and the incident will be referred to the Department of Juvenile Justice for charges of assault and battery and disturbing school. SGT/SRO L. E. Ritter investigatated.

Oct. 16 – James Tyler Jernigan, 20, Williamston reported a 1.5 ton hydraulic jack taken from the back of a ford Ranger while at 15 E. 4th St. The items was valued at $60. Lt. T. A. Striss investigated.

Oct. 16 – Ricardo Lopez, 35, 323 McAlister Rd., Williamston was arrested for no state drivers license after a silver color Nissan Maxima was observed on Greenville Dr. without operational tag lights. J. Rogers investigated.

Oct. 16 – Sav-Way, 309 E. Main St,. Williamston reported a gas drive off in which a burgundy SUV pumped gas valued at $14.71 after paying for $5 in gas. J. Rogers investigated.

Oct. 16 – Jacqulin Goss Gilliland, 65, 100 Williamston Ct., #102 reported an egg thrown onto her sliding glass door. Sgt. K. J. Winn investigated.

Oct. 17 – Williamston Police officers investigated an incident Aug. 31 in which a 14 year old juvenile reported being assaulted and $104 in cash taken from him during an incident in the Veterans Park adjacent to Mineral Spring Park. After interviewing several subjects, it was determined to refer a 16 year old male juvenile to the Department of Juvenile Justice for assault and battery. It was not determined if cash was taken from the victim. K. D. Lollis investigated.

Oct. 13 – Jennifer Ann Cission, 7 Williams St, Williamston reported a blue, white and gray girls mountain bike valued at $100 stolen. T. J. Richardson investigated.

Oct. 17 – John Edward Wilson, 20, 826 Joe Black Rd., #3, Williamston was arrested for outstanding bench warrant for possession of drug paraphernalia after Anderson City Police notified WPD that he was in custody. M. E. Simmons investigated.

Oct. 13 – James Lewis Mundy, 22, 232 Mauldin St,. Williamston was arrested for driving under suspension (2nd) and license tag expired after a blue Dodge Ram entered a safety checkpoint at the intersection of Cherokee Road and Mauldin St. K. D. Lollis investigated.

Oct. 17 – Officers investigated a report that the solar panel on the flashing yellow light at the railroad bridge on Gossett St. had been vandalized. Reports state there were stress cracks which could have been caused by rocks. Damage was estimated at $250. R. E. Bell investigated.

Oct. 18 – Lacey Marie Harless, 29, 204 Haynie Mill Rd., Belton was arrested for providing false information to a police officers after a moped was observed in the West Main Parking Lot. According to reports, Harless was wanted out of Kentucky and provided false information about her name. She was placed under arrest and will be extradited to Kentucky. R. E. Bell investigated.

Oct. 11 – Crystal Graham, 55, 128 W. 2nd St,. Williamston reported an antique tool box filled with copper wire and a roofing hatchet valued at $50 and two iron yard chairs valued at $200 stolen from her residence. M. E. Simmons investigated.

Oct. 19 – Felicia Danielle Obregon, 20, 205 Prince St,. Williamston was issued a summons for no state drivers license, no proof of insurance and license plate tage registered to another vehicle after a gold Buick Century was observed attempting to avoid a DUI checkpoint at Minor St. and Major Road. J. Rogers investigated.

Oct. 18 – Phoenix of Anderson, 15 Broad St,. Williamston reported approximately 30 gallons of diesel fuel valued at $117 taken from an 18 wheeler parked in a lot across from the business. D. M. Stipe investigated.

Oct. 18 – Robert John Vaughn, 51, 1605 Holiday Dam Rd., Belton was arrested for driving under suspension, no proof of insurance and a warning ticket for defective equipment after a gray vehicle was observed on Anderson Drive with a defective side tail light. M. E. Simmons investigated.

Oct. 20 Marcus Scott Hinely, 37, 230 Darby Circle, Belton was arrested for simple possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance, driving under suspension and operating an uninsured vehicle after a blue Ford Taurus was observed at a traffic safety checkpoint on North Hamilton St., at Depot Rd. Officers found a clear plastic baggie with 27 grams of a green leafy substance field tested positive for marijuana and another with one white tablet believed to be a Lortab.Sgt. K. J. Winn investigated.

Oct. 20 – Allan Trevor Mills, 19, 116 Crompton Dr,. Pelzer and Colton Jessie Stroud, 17, 244 Ellison Lake Rd., Williamston were both arrested and charged with simple possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia after a gold Ford Explorer was observed on Greenville Dr., with a headlight out. J. Rogers investigated.

Oct. 21 – Gina Annette Holbrooks, 27, 214 Little Mountain Rd, Ninety Six, was arrested for shoplifting after officers responded to the Dollar General, 526 West Main St. Reports state Holbrooks entered the store with a large black purse which appeared to be flat and empty. Upon checkout, the purse appeard to be full. Officer Winn waited outside the store until Holbrooks walked out. Beauty items valued at $62 were found in the purse. K. J. Winn investigated.

Oct. 21 – McDonalds, 4 West Main St., reported a counterfeit one dollar bill. An employee stated the person presenting the bill was a white female in her 50s, but could not be certain. The bill was placed into evidence. Sgt. K. J. Winn investigated.