Finances a distraction from positives for Durham


A history of liens and financial judgments involving Williamston mayoral candidate Dr. R. Mack Durham continues to be an election issue and a distraction from the positives he would like to focus on involving the direction of the town.

Durham told The Journal Friday that the amount due to the SC Department of Employment reported in The Journal this week was supposed to be included in a payment schedule arrangement his business, Palmetto Family Medical Group had worked out with the agency.

According to current public records Durham’s business, Palmetto Family Medical Group, had a judgement filed by the SC Department of Employment and Workforce as recently as Oct. 10, in the amount of $6,743 and has had other financial judgments involving contract disputes with two former doctors and a staffing company.

Durham said his accountant is working with the SC Department of Employment and Workforce to correct the issue.

“Any debt I have is old business debt from years ago. All of these issues have been resolved or are being resolved,” Durham said. “I hope that our town can refocus on creating a positive future and begin to improve our reputation in the surrounding area. We need to concentrate our efforts on becoming a town where we all want to live and raise our families and then we wil see other people and businesses moving into our community.”