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Anderson County Public Works Update for the week ending November 2


· Clemson basketball charter flights start in November, and will continue through March 2013.

· Current Fuel Prices: Avgas Full Service – $6.08, Avgas Self Service – $5.66, Jet A – $5.68

Building & Codes

· Department Manager and Administration Staff conducted an initial non-compliance survey of the Jackson Street/Equinox Mill Area in Council District 5 to identify substandard properties that need to be addressed. Additional information will be forthcoming as well as applicable steps to be taken our department.

· Plan Review Staff Meetings: Met with Architect on future expansion to existing business on Hwy 81. More details to come once drawings are submitted for review, Met with Engineers/Architects with Michelin regarding current project.

· PERMITS ISSUED: 5 New Single-Family Dwelling and 5 addition/renovation; 11Electrical and HVAC Upgrades; 2 Detached Storage/Garage Buildings; 8 Commercial (These include: Quick Trip Store # 1127 in Pendleton – This is the 5th Quick Trip that has been permitted in Anderson County, Anderson Gold Shell – New Strip Center on Clemson Blvd.); 10 Mobile Home including: New Homes and Change of Ownership

· DRAWINGS SUBMITTED: First Quality – Wet Lab, Michelin Phase II/Shell – Bldgs 100 & 124, Michelin – Foundation Building 121, State Farm Up-Fit off Halter Drive in Piedmont, various re-submittals.

Development Standards

· Met with Robert Bosch Representative regarding installing a new billboard sign off of I-85

· Met with property owner regarding obtaining a floodplain development permit for property located in Colonial Acres Subdivision, Lot#14 Lakeview Drive, Greenville.

· Compliance item addressed with property owner regarding the removal of the second mobile home on the same parcel of land. The property is located on Sonny Street in Piedmont.

· LAND USE PERMITS ISSUED: Floodplain Development Permit for Airline Road Bridge Replacement Project, Messenger Holdings Addition, located at 1927 Elrod Road, Piedmont and TJ located Auto Sales Dealership located at 2028 S. McDuffie Street, Anderson

Fleet Services

· Interviewing for Tire Repairer, 1 Automotive & Equipment Tech II, and Lead Technician position’s currently advertising.

· Due to the 5 vacancies and an increase of breakdowns, we are outsourcing more repairs than normal.

· Current Fuel Prices: Unleaded $2.75, E20 $3.19â, Diesel $3.63

Roads & Bridges

· Pollard Road (C-13-0020) closed Monday, 10/29/12, and work began on replacing an undersized 48″ culvert with a new 10 x 7 concrete box culvert. It is expected to reopen 12/24/12.

· A concerned mom in the Wren School District called about children being dropped off on and crossing Wren School Rd instead of on the school property. We contacted the Sheriff’s Office and they agreed to an officer there for a few days to educate the parents on dangers of doing this.

· Grading at the Civic Center began in three areas that are being leveled to accommodate Spring Fair carnival equipment.

· Bridge crew installed Cowan Road (C-17-0037) bridge guardrail. This completes the bridge flag report issues from 2011-2012 SCDOT bridge inspection.

· Completed conceptual design and right-of-way needs for improvements of the Three Bridges Road (S-74) & Powdersville Main (S-52) intersection in Powdersville.

· Submitted nine SCDHEC Demolition Permit Applications for the nine Susan (C-09-0348) and Booker (C-09-0349) Street homes to be demolished. Asbestos contractor submitted SCDHEC Asbestos Removal Permit Application for eight of the homes. Asbestos removal should begin the second week of November.

· There are three open positions: Equipment Operator and Senior Equipment Operator (both on the ditching crew), and Engineering Technician.

· On-call crews received 4 after-hours call-outs, totaling 5.5 hours (4 trees across the road).

· No inmates were available to assist with litter pick-up this week.

Solid Waste

· Staff is repairing the roll-off truck driveway area at the Friendship Convenience Center. It is rutting or sinking due to a poor drainage.

· Staff continues to deliver classroom cardboard recycle bins to our area schools for the school recycling program this week.