Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following incidents:


Nov. 12 – Cpl. J.T. Bowers responded to 306 Stone Hedge Court where Jeffrey Davis reported that as he was leaving his driveway in his 2012 Toyota Tacoma truck, the right rear wheel came off. He subsequently discovered four lug nuts removed from the wheel.

Nov. 12 – K. Evatt was on the desk at the ACSO when he received a call from Daniel Erickson, of 814 Ridge Rd., who reported the theft of two 100 pound propane tanks from his residence, which is currently for sale and unoccupied. The loss was estimated at $500.

Nov. 12 – Cpl. S.L. Steward responded to a construction site at 11402 Anderson Rd. where the superintendent reported the theft of a large roll of floor covering valued at $2500.


Nov. 11 – I.N. Moore was dispatched to 105 Carley Court where Emily Payne reported that her boyfriend, Randall Cantrell, WM, 37, 6’5″, 260 pounds, brn/brn, had assaulted her during an argument by striking her with a pool cue and dragging her by the shirt collar out of the house. She declined to press charges but Deputy Moore arrested Cantrell anyway, and transported him to ACDC, where Judge Lolliss issued a warrant for criminal domestic violence.

Nov. 12 – Cpl. K.D. Pigman responded to a report of a burglary at 1309 Cherokee Rd., where Richard Boggs reported the theft of four firearms, among other items, from his home. The loss was estimated at $2300.

Nov. 13 – D.L. Brinston was acting as backup officer at an incident location when a vehicle arrived, and then immediately left. Brinston initiated a stop and asked for the driver’s license and other required documents. The driver, Henry Agee, WM, 30, 6’, 220 pounds, brn/grn, cut off the interior dome light and reached under his seat. Brintson drew his service weapon and ordered Agee to exit the vehicle. A .357 revolver was found beneath the seat and Agee was taken into custody


Nov. 10 – R.D. Smith responded to 505 Nicole Court where Tammy Catoe reported that someone had attempted to break into her home through the double garage doors. They failed to get in but did approximately $1200 in damages.

Nov. 10 – M.W. Hunnicutt and G.J. Turner responded to 101 Charleston Way where they made contact with and took into custody Christopher Ellis, WM, 41, 5’6″, 165, brn/grn. Ellis was wanted by Greenville County for non-payment of child support.

Nov. 11 – I.N. Moore was dispatched to 115 Christie Lane where Charlene Welborn reported that she had been assaulted by her boyfriend, identified only as a 46 year old white male.


Nov. 10 – C. Martin was dispatched to 207 Ridgecrest Way where Talmadge Hairston reported that his girlfriend, Mabel Hodgson, WF, 35, 5’4″, 175 pounds, had assaulted him during an argument. His face was scratched and his shirt torn. Hodgson confirmed her assault and was placed in custody for criminal domestic violence and transported to ACDC.

Nov. 12 – S.L. Steward responded to 116 Chippewa Lane where Christopher Ahlf reported the theft of a utility trailer belonging to Siemag, Inc. The loss was estimated at $3000.