Piedmont landmarks to be removed in January


By Stan Welch

Piedmont will soon have two less landmarks to grace its hilly terrain. Both of the town’s water tanks will be cut up and disassembled following the first of the year. Greenville Water has applied for a permit to close Transylvania Street, in Anderson County, while that tower is cut up and brought down. Murray Dodd, of the Greenville Water engineering department, confirmed that the tower on Hotel Hill in Greenville County will be taken down as well.

The disassembly project has been in the planning stage for two years, since Greenville Water’s line upgrades made the tanks obsolete by addressing fire flow rates and pressure issues in other ways.

The towers will be cut up piece by piece and dropped or lowered to the ground. Dodd had no specific starting date yet, nor a schedule for completion. “Once we get started, things should move along pretty smoothly. We haven’t used these towers in several years and it’s time for them to come down.”

The estimated cost of the work is approximately $30,000. Cranes will be used to lift the workers into position with their equipment to cut pieces of the tanks free.