Duncan responds to President’s remarks on debt ceiling


Congressman Jeff Duncan issued the following statement in response to President Obama’s remarks on the debt ceiling:

“President Obama’s remarks on the debt ceiling show how out of touch he is in regards to America’s spending problem. The President may be the only person in Washington who believes that failing to increase the nation’s credit card limit is the same as failing to pay back the credit card company.”

“The debt ceiling debate is not about refusing to pay America’s bills; it’s about forcing our government to get its spending addiction under control. The first step to recovery is overcoming denial and admitting that Washington has a problem. If the President can’t admit that our country has a spending problem, then House conservatives are ready to stage an intervention.”

“It’s time for us to prioritize federal spending to end the credit card economics. We need to make substantial cuts to non-essential federal programs so that the legitimate functions of government can proceed.”

“Even more disheartening is the President’s threat to use seniors and veterans as pawns in a debt ceiling debate. If any senior, soldier, or veteran doesn’t receive a check on time, or if the government defaults on its debts, it is solely because the Obama Administration decided they were not a priority.”

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