Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated a number of thefts throughout the area including break-ins into vehicles and homes. Among incidents investigated were:


Jan. 19 – J.E. Scott responded to 1010 Traynum Rd. where William Hayney reported that someone had broken into a camper trailer he kept on the property and took an awning valued at $150. Joseph Cannon, who also stored a trailer at that site, reported the theft of various items valued at $125.


Jan. 19 – J.E. Scott responded to 3601 Hwy. 153 where Andrew Cathey reported the theft of a friend’s purse from the back seat of his truck, while he was inside the business located at that site. The purse and its contents were valued at $575.

Jan. 20 – A thief struck two vehicles located at 11 and 113 Pepperwood Dr., and M.D. Creamer was dispatched to those locations. A gas fleet card was taken from one vehicle and a Leatherman tool was taken from the other.

Jan. 21 – B.R. Harbin and C. Holbrooks responded to 3518 Hwy. 153 where they took Joshua Burns, WM, 27, 5’7″, 150 pounds, of Greenville, into custody for shoplifting.


Jan. 19 – Sgt. A.B. Singleton responded to 825 Joe Black Rd., Lot 40, where Titus Schuch, Jr. reported the theft of several items valued at $175.

Jan. 19 – L.F. Bolden responded to 6 Baptist St. where Robbie Martin stated that someone had entered his mother’s residence, as well as a storage building on the site, and stole various items valued at $2360.

Jan. 21 – B. Harbin received a report at the ACSO desk from Christy Thomason. Thomason reported that her son’s bicycle had ben stolen from their home at 29 Square St., as well as a five gallon gas can. The loss was estimated at $55.


Jan. 20 – R.D. Smith responded to 500 Timms Rd. where Keith Ausburn reported that someone had attempted to force entry through the back door of his mother’s home.

Jan. 21 – P.A. Cochrane and C. Holbrooks were dispatched to 107 Belle Isle Dr. where Joshua Brooks reported that someone had broken into both his vehicles and stolen a Garmin GPS unit valued at $150.

Jan. 21 – D.L. Brinston responded to 121 Hopsewee Dr. where Vivian Farr reported the theft of her 2010 Ford Taurus, four door, gray, with SC tag# FNB761. The loss was estimated at $20,000.

Jan. 21 – J.T. Bowers responded to 221 Hopsewee Dr. where Kelly Hyatt reported the theft of a sports bag containing fencing equipment from her vehicle. The bag and equipment were found in some nearby bushes.

Jan. 22 – J.T. Bowers was dispatched to the area of Hwy. 86 and I-85 in response to a report of an intentional ramming of a vehicle from behind. He asked dispatch to tell the complainant to pull over and they did. Bowers pulled over as well a red Jeep that was following the van. He made contact with the Jeep’s driver, Cody Woods, WM, 23, 5’11″, 290 pounds, blond/blue. The van driver, Tracy Thompson, and his passenger, Erin Weldon, WF, said that Thompson stopped to give Weldon a ride after she and Woods had argued and she had walked off from him and flagged Thompson down. Woods followed and as Thompson turned onto the entrance ramp to I-85, he rammed the van from behind. Woods said he wanted to be sure that Weldon was safe in the van. Woods was taken into custody.


Jan. 21 – J.K. Billingsley was dispatched to 211 Foster Rd. where Christopher Gurley reported the theft of his 2005 Yamaha Bruin 4 wheeler, valued at $2500.