Congressman Jeff Duncan Reacts to the State of the Union Address


Washington, DC—South Carolina Congressman Jeff Duncan issued the following statement in response to the President’s State of the Union Address: “Tonight we heard the President say he wants to focus on jobs. Unfortunately, the President’s record doesn’t match his rhetoric. When the President says he wants to focus on jobs, I’m afraid he really means that he’s going to focus on undermining gun rights, raising taxes, climate change, more government regulations, and higher levels of government spending.”

“I heard from a President who claims he wants to find middle ground in solving the debt crisis, but doesn’t truly believe that our country has a spending problem. I heard from a President who enjoys criticizing Republican solutions to our nation’s fiscal problems, but fails to provide any credible solutions of his own. I heard from a President who never misses an opportunity to sell the American people on his desire to raise taxes.”

“Americans want and deserve a President who will lead instead of continuing to campaign.”