Seems to Me . . . State of the Union preview


By Stan Welch

Tuesday night, February 12, is the night that President Obama delivers the State of the Union address. This column is being written the day before that. Oh, I could wait until Wednesday morning and respond directly to the speech itself, but that seems unnecessary. I’m pretty sure I already know what our clueless leader will talk about.

He’s going to pound on gun control, trying to make all of us who believe that the Constitution actually means something seem like a bunch of crazed gun nuts who don’t care about the people who were killed in Newtown and Aurora and Columbine.

He’s going to continue to purposely frame the issue to suit his own agenda, by referring to assault weapons and high capacity magazines. He’s going to have school children and gunshot survivors there, to push all the emotional buttons he can, while addressing an issue that should be considered as unemotionally and dispassionately as possible.

He’s going to do that for a couple of reasons. One, the liberal mind to which he speaks exclusively, is much more comfortable with emotions than with facts. Secondly, he knows that the facts about the issue of gun control argue against every proposal he has made.

They are not assault weapons. The capacity of the magazines is essentially meaningless; especially in light of criminals’ pesky reluctance to comply with laws that hamper their behavior. Only a mind as undisciplined and disconnected as the President’s, could entertain the notion that the next gun law we pass will be the one that changes all that violent human behavior.

He’s also going to talk about gay marriage, as if it is somehow the moral equivalent of the civil rights movement of the 60s. It is not. One’s sexual orientation should not be the basis for discrimination and hatred to be directed towards them; it just as clearly should not be the basis for privilege and preference, either. He’s going to do this because once again, liberals are more comfortable with emotions than they are facts.

And the facts are that gays make up a very small percentage of the general population, but an inordinately large percentage of the entertainment industry, which poured hundreds of millions of dollars into Obama’s campaigns. That same entertainment industry has engulfed what used to be an aggressive and independent media in this country. A free press, if you will; but free no longer, having been co-opted in almost every sense of the word.

He will also talk about jobs, and spending more on infrastructure. The first time around it was called stimulus. This time around, it’s called an echo. The trillions of dollars he threw at the economy during his first term didn’t even bring unemployment down one tenth of one point. The fact is that the money could have been evenly divided among the millions of unemployed and it would have done the economy more good.

He will change his phrases and his rhetoric; because he has a new head speechwriter, and because he has no choice. But in the end, it will be the same leftist, liberal, let Big Brother fix it approach that has done absolutely nothing to restore the American economy in the last four years, while doing tremendous harm to our freedoms.

The only point of possible interest in the speech will be to see how he manages to blame the last Republican administration, instead of his own.

He will make big noises about leadership at home and across the world. He will mention Libya and Syria and Israel. He will threaten Iran and North Korea, rattling a saber he lacks the courage or resolve to use. He will declare America’s preeminent role on the planet; but his concept of leadership is as shallow as a drum major’s. He thinks walking at the head of the parade is enough.

There’s one more reason I won’t be waiting until Wednesday morning to write this column. I’ll be watching the Westminster Kennel Club dog show Tuesday night. I’ve seen this presidential dog before, and I know he won’t hunt. And he’s already soiled the rug.