Duncan returns funds from his operating budget to the taxpayers


WASHINGTON, DC – Today, South Carolina Congressman Jeff Duncan announced that he would be returning a significant portion of his office budget to the taxpayers for the second year in a row. Duncan’s wish is that the returned funds be used to pay down the national debt.

Duncan announced that his office would be returning around $200,000 or 15.2% of his overall budget. That figure is on top of a mandatory 11.1% cumulative cut to all Congressional Offices over the past two years.


“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I try to run this office the same way I ran my small business. It’s important to apply to our Congressional Office the same common sense principles that we all use to manage our homes and our businesses. If the entire federal government did that, we wouldn’t be $16.5 trillion in debt.”


Last year, Duncan joined several of his colleagues in a press conference where they collectively returned a total of over $1.4 million in unused office funds.


“By operating within a budget, my office was able to cut spending again this year,” said Duncan.


“Our country’s balance sheet shows what happens when we fail to live within our means. It’s been 1387 days since the Senate has passed a budget. During that time the national debt has increased by trillions of dollars. If individuals, families, and businesses can all use budgets to balance spending, why can’t the federal government?”