Congressman Jeff Duncan Reacts to Colorado General Assembly’s Passage of New Gun Laws


Washington, DC—Today, Congressman Jeff Duncan reacted to the Colorado General Assembly’s decision to pass new restrictive gun laws that will drive businesses out of their state.

In February, Duncan wrote Magpul’s COO inviting them to move their Colorado facility to the Palmetto State. At the time, the Colorado General Assembly was considering a harsh new anti-gun law that would restrict Second Amendment freedoms of Colorado residents, and cause some firearms businesses to close up shop. On Monday, the Colorado General Assembly passed that bill, and now one business is saying they are preparing to leave.

“Hopefully Colorado’s loss will be South Carolina’s gain,” said Duncan. “The Constitution is perfectly clear that the right to bear arms shall not be infringed. If states like Colorado want to violate the fundamental rights of their citizens, then I hope states like South Carolina will gladly welcome businesses in the firearms industry, and the jobs they provide to relocate to our communities. I hope Governor Haley will join me in encouraging this business and others in the firearms industry to bring their business and their jobs to South Carolina.”


Magpul has made their intentions to relocate crystal clear. “As we have previously stated, HB 1224, if signed into law will require us to move operations out of Colorado,” Magpul said in a public release. “This is a process that will take some organization/negotiation with potential new location(s). Work on relocation of production assets has already started and as we move through various scenarios, we will be unable to comment on possible new locations or details of the move until decisions have been finalized.”

Yesterday, with the Colorado Senate passing the gun control package, all that’s left is for the Governor to sign the bill into law.

Duncan also sent a letter to Remington Arms encouraging them to relocate to South Carolina after New York decided to adopt the most restrictive gun policies in the country, and he said his office was contacted by another firearms company to learn more about the business climate in South Carolina after hearing about the letters.

You can read the letters that Duncan sent to Remington & Magpul at the link below.