Palmetto Middle students take 4th Place at State Science Olympiad Competition


Competitors from Palmetto Middle students who participated in the State Science Olympiad Competition included, from left, Front: Robert Weeks, Boyce Roulette, Alex Robinson, Logan Bulloch, Cole Young, Avery Edge, Kross Knight Christopher Cosgrove; Back: Nicholas Brown, Autumn Smith, Samantha Czwalina, Michael Czwalina, Josie Weber, Lexi Alexander, Rachel Tucker

By Vickie Fleming

Science Olympiad program is a hands-on science competitive tournament in areas of science such as mechanical engineering, biology, meteorology and astrology just to name a few. The students are chosen based on their academic performance from the 5th grade to 7th grade in science. Once these students express an interest they are invited to join the program.

The program is much like any other team sport, students must make a commitment which requires preparation, practice throughout the year and coaching from teachers, parents and community members.

During the competition, Palmetto students were tested on their science skills both hands-on and academically. Students compete as teams which are similar to today’s scientific career that also depends on teamwork. This results in the students challenging each other and encourages group learning.

While the competition was tough, Palmetto students were a force to be reckoned with this year. At the end of the day this is how the students placed in their categories:

1st Place in Disease Detectives – Autumn Smith and Alex Robinson

1st Place in Experimental Design – Lexi Alexander and Samantha Czwalina

1st Place in Meteorology – Michael Czwalina and Logan Bulloch

3rd Place in Heredity – Samantha Czwalina and Lexi Alexander

3rd Place in Metric Mastery – Lexi Alexander and Michael Czwalina

4th Place in Road Scholar – Rachel Tucker and Kross Knight

4th Place in Sounds of Music – Lexi Alexander and Autumn Smith

5th Place in Crime Busters – Samantha Czwalina and Nicholas Brown

5th Place in Dynamic Planet – Josie Weber and Nicholas Brown

5th Place for Mousetrap Vehicle – Cole Young and Michael Czwalina

6th Place for Boomilever – Avery Edge and Christopher Cosgrove

6th Place Shock Value – Robert Weeks and Alex Robinson

With their accumulation of points they were Fourth Place in the State’s Science Olympiad Competition which was held at Newberry College.

These students achieved this with the guidance of their science teachers, encouragement from each other and their families, while other teams had financial and knowledgeable scientific community support.

Reporter note – The community should be very proud of these future science leaders’ achievement during this year’s competition, however, I wonder what they and future students could achieve with the help of business leaders, members of the community that are or have been in the science fields. If anyone would like to become a mentor and get involved with future competition, please get in touch with the Palmetto Middle School 8th grade Science teacher by contacting the school or e-mailing