Mini funnel picks up first grader – Teachers witness


A first grade student at Cedar Grove Elementary School was recently lifted off the ground by what was described by witnesses as a “mini funnel wind.”

According to the child’s great grandmother, Sue Broshar, who was in the parking lot when the gust of wind came across the playground area of the school last Wednesday, her great grandson Taylor was picked up by the wind and dropped back onto the mulch in the playground area.

In a written statement, a teacher at the school, Jana Burkette gave Broshar a written statement which said:

“It was crazy! The kids were playing and we saw a mini funnel wind come across theplayground. The kids started running from it. Taylor ran towards us and the wind picked him up and dropped him back down. It was very scary.”

According to the teacher, Taylor had mulch in his mouth and all over his clothes.

“It was the strangest thing I’ve ever witnessed,” Burkette said. “I’m glad Taylor calmed down. He was terrified.”

Broshar said Taylor was upset when she picked him up and the first thing he said was, “Granny, a tornado picked me up.”

Broshar said when the burst of wind hit, children’s jackets were flying everywhere.

Several other teachers also witnessed the event.