Parents arrested for neglect after leaving 4-year-old on Anderson porch


Late Tuesday afternoon, the suspects in the unlawful neglect of Zoe Brown arrived at the Anderson County detention Center, and were booked. Both are charged with unlawful neglect of a child.

After two days of working around the clock in an attempt to identify a toddler that was left on a front porch of an Anderson residence Tuesday night, investigators identified the toddler as Zoe Brown, age 4, of Marietta Georgia. 

Anderson County Sheriff’s investigators have arrested the toddler’s father, Alonzo Brown, 31, of 1615 Cobb Parkway Marietta, GA.  The mother of the child, Tongela Denise McBride, 37 has also been arrested by Georgia authorities and will have a bond hearing today (Wednesday) in Anderson County.  Both parents are facing charges of Unlawful Neglect of a Child. 

The father, Alonzo Brown is currently being held at the Anderson County Detention Center where he will await a bond hearing.  The sheriff’s office will not be elaborating on the parent’s motive at this time in the best interest of pursuing justice for Zoe.

According to the Sheriff’s Department, at approximately 11:30 p.m. on April 2, the doorbell rang at 417 Brook Forest Drive in Anderson.

The resident, Roy Campbell, answered the door and found a 2 to 3 year-old black female toddler in a stroller on his front porch. Campbell did not know or recognize the child. No one else was around.

The Campbells immediately called 911 and a deputy with the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office responded.

When the deputy arrived he discovered a diaper with the hand written message, “Call DCAF Please,” on it. An investigator was called, along with a representative with the Department of Social Services.

The child was taken into Emergency Protective Custody by law enforcement and transported to AnMed Health where she was examined, found to be in good condition and released.

The medical staff observed a scar on the right side of her neck and the center of her chest that was consistent with heart surgery.

The child’s hair was braided and both ears were pierced with diamond stud earrings. She was clad in a white shirt with yellow sleeves (size 24 months) that bears the lettering “Auntie Loves Me” on the front, grey pants with a floral design and a pink jacket. She was also wearing a pink stocking cap and brown boots. Both the cap and boots had the picture of Dora the Explorer on them.

The toddler is currently with a foster family.

Sheriff John Skipper thanked the media affiliates that shared Zoe’s story. 

“The media was instrumental in helping us receive information that ultimately led to identifying Zoe so she can receive proper attention and care that she requires,” Skipper said