Thayer returns to General Assembly


By Stan Welch

House District 9 Representative Anne Thayer, following a lengthy, though abbreviated recovery from complications from a medical procedure earlier this year, is returning to her seat in the General Assembly this week.

Thayer, who underwent a routine medical procedure in February, suffered complications and spent several days in intensive care before being released a week or so later to convalesce at home. Thayer, speaking to The Journal, said she is a couple of weeks ahead of her scheduled recovery. “It has been a tough road but the support and prayers I have received have helped tremendously. I can’t thank the people enough for their caring and concern.”

Thayer said she wanted to return because there are education bills to be considered, as well as the bill nullifying the federal requirement for Obama care. “I understand that the final version has a lot fewer teeth than the original proposal, but I think a review of the legislation by experts indicated that we would be faced with a major legal battle. I am proud and glad that our state has at least put forth some response indicating that we feel this is an intrusion into our state’s business by the federal government.”

Thayer said she plans to maintain a light schedule for a week or so to be sure she is up to the demands of the office. “I certainly don’t want to go through this again,” she said.