Williamston Council holds budget work session


Williamston Town Council held a three hour budget work session Saturday morning.

Mayor Mack Durham presented information that included laying out a new budget structure for the town’s four funds (General fund, Water fund, Sewer fund and Hospitality fund) as well as a review of the town’s finances under the two previous administrations.

It also included information on recent changes and restructuring under the new administration and the effects on the upcoming budget.

The presentation included encouraging the mayor and council to work together for the “good” of the town and engaging the community.

Information was presented on a proposed MASC Main Street SC revitalization program which the mayor would like to see the town implement. The program requires a three year commitment and a paid coordinator. Funding for the position is included in the proposed budget the mayor said.

The budget is being restructured to organize salaries by department and give more responsibility to department heads, according to the mayor.

The new budget includes funding for a new back hoe for the Sewer Department, a new brush/emergency response truck for the Fire Department and three new police cars.

Additional details on the proposed budget will be posted at a later date.

Mayor Durham said the proposed budget will be presented for first reading at the May meeting of Council.